Approaching Caren always has unpredictable results since it is very hard to read what kind of a mood she's in. If she's feeling bored, she can be approached directly but still won't make it easy as she does enjoy intentionally making it difficult in order to watch one squirm a bit. However, if she's in the right mood, she will allow herself to be taken by force even if she senses it coming- so long as the person doesn't have any evil intentions. As her battle outfit leaves her lower half exposed, it also leaves her best features and weak spot exposed as well- her legs and butt. Getting her to admit that she enjoys a good butt squeeze may take time, but being persistent to break through her shell is worth the effort. Use a gag that emphasizes her eyes without blocking her hair and, if one is lucky, he'll get to see her expression change from its usual sharp look to her rarely-seen gentle one as she begins to show enjoyment of the situation.

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