Clarissa is a sweet, truthful gal, so it's easy to befriend her to the point of her allowing her to be tied. This works nicely since she will defend herself if one tries to take her by force. She has three primary outfits and all three look best with different ties: Her first outfit works best with a tight shibari and a gag that emphasizes her eyes. Her second outfit doesn't really allow for a shibari, but her legs can be tied under her skirt and she deserves a gag that emphasizes her hair. Her third outfit allows for a skirt-hiking shibari and exposes the weak points of her inner thighs while a gag that emphasizes her hair or eyes works nicely. And while she allows people close with her to tie her, only those closest to her are allowed to touch her weak spots. No matter what, though, her hair is very fun to stroke.

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