Fumino is one of the most unique tsundere gals in the area, given that she tends to always speak the direct opposite of what she's thinking, so she's easy to read for those who know that secret about it and that also makes her one of the most ironically honest girls in the area. It takes a long time to earn her trust to the point of letting one tie her, so those who are in a hurry should just take her by force. No matter what she may be wearing, her outfit is almost always about the thighhighs and the bit of exposed skin between them and her skirt. Tie her in a skirt-hiking shibari to expose as much skin as possible and don't forget to emphasize her chest up top as her entire body is quite nice from head to toe, so don't even hesitate to kidnap her in a bikini. Use a cleavegag tied under her hair to expose her fang and maintain focus on her hair to boot. Her weak spots are her thighs.

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