Malin does her best to be sneaky and act cool when she's trying not to be caught, especially by force, but she is one of those gals with a secret bondage fetish that can be uncovered by those who take the time to get to know her, so it's best to save time in the long run by taking the befriending route. Her regular outfit is a good choice for tying her, though it also protects her best feature and weak spot, her butt: so feel free to CCR her down to her undies or something similar, but she's also fond of her purple swimsuit. No matter what, give her a sexy tie and squeeze away. For her gag, she isn't picky and likes all kinds, but really likes multi-layered with tape and cloths, so to stay on her good side be sure to keep her happy with that. She won't give one so much trouble from the second time onward.

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