Rider is too fast and powerful for most people to try and take her by force, so it's far easier and safer to coerce her into being tied, even though she'll only agree to be tied by those she likes; in short, good luck. She has a nice variety of outfits so adjust the tie accordingly: a leg-exposing shibari for her combat outfit or a tight, chest-emphasizing shibari for her casual outfit or the tight bodysuit she wears for racing. She likes being touched all over, so enjoy her anywhere and everywhere with her spine and neck being her true weak spots. Always give her a gag to emphasize her wonderful hair and enjoy stroking it. This of course only applies if she is taken willingly. For those who manage to take her by force, use chains or heavy materials to be safe. No matter what, unless you have a very high magic resistance, never remove her blindfold or glasses.

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