Because she's a ghost, Tojiko is a very squishy gal, so she's very squeezable all over, making her a great snuggling companion. Catching her, on the other hand, may be difficult as she's difficult to take by force due to her thunder magic and maneuverability while flying. What's worse is that she will not stop until she's gotten revenge, making taking her that way a very risky venture. If her trust can be earned, she'll enjoy the bondage quite a bit and even want more. Use a shibari that highlights her curves, regardless of if her legs are formed or not, and she actually has several weak spots due to how many squeezable spots she has. Use any kind of gag that highlights her eyes while also keeping her hair visible, since she likes having it stroked too. Don't overdo it, however, as she has her limits to how kinky a situation will be before she gets angry if she's not in that kind of mood.

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