Anime Wing

     In the first room is Kuonji Ukyo of Ranma 1/2. She is tied to her own spatula and strapped to an okonomiyaki grill. A simple tape-gag is her muffler. Even though the grill is turned on, you have nothing to worry about as it has no power source to actually heat up, but Ukyo doesn't know that (because of the small sizzling sound you may hear from the tape recorder underneath) and continues to struggle and reach for the knob.

Drawn by DL Showtime

     Sailor Mercury, a local favorite, is suspended over a large vat labeled Liquid Nitrogen. The more she struggles, the more her support rope frays, thus increasing the threat to turn her into an ice statue. Of course, what's really in there are just pillows and, if she falls, she just gets put back up again automatically. She sports a nice OTN gag.

     The odango headed heroine who tried to save her friend, Sailor Moon, is next. She is tightly bound with leather straps and is free to roll about on the floor. But no matter where she looks, the walls are painted with all of the Monsters of the Day from the series, reaching out to get her. She too is gagged a 'la Gag Snob's manual.

     Next we have Inuyasha's Sango hanging upside down by her ankles in a cave scenario. Her arms are tied spread to her Hiraikotsu to give her the appearance of a bat with its wings spread. Several layers of tape wrapped around her head keep her silent.

Drawn by Sonicman

     The pretty but violent Tendo Akane is next. She is secured with a straight jacket for her arms and also wrapped in duct tape. She is strapped onto a guillotine-style table, but a (foam) giant mallet hangs over her head, ready to crush her given the command.

     The Grim Reaper of YuYu Hakusho, Botan, has found herself facing the blade of death as she's nicely strapped down to the guillotine with a holographic candle underneath the rope. There are no worries about the blade as it's made of foam rubber. Her silence is a very tight leather gag.

Drawn by Sonicman

     Dyne has now completed one set of damsels by securing the third of Saotome Ranma's main fiancÚs, the beautiful Chinese Amazon Shampoo. Shampoo is strictly hog-tied in a manner that takes advantage of her flexibility. The numerous layers of tape wrapped around her head followed by an OTN keep her silent. She is also laying on a wobbly platform suspended over a large group of several rabid dogs. Sounds of them barking are repeatedly played.

Drawn by berries

     Uremeshi Yusuke's love interest, Keiko, was a fun one to decide in what to do with the room. Because she likes fire so much she's hog-tied and tape-gagged in a "burning room." The fire is, of course, only a hologram. However, to make our little DiD nervous, the heat level occasionally rises as a soundtrack of a raging fire is played. But don't worry, the room never gets too hot and the AC is cranked on again once the clip is done playing.

     The very cute, winged, surveyor from Sorcerer Hunters, Dota has been captured by the sorcerers. She pole tied with thick rope in the middle of a large circle as all of the sorcerers around her as they chant spells. To keep her from calling to her friends, there are a dozen strips of duct tape stuck over her mouth. Once a spell is complete, a holographic fireball, lightning bolt, ice spear, etc, is shot at her.

Drawn by ghostshinobi.

     Kiyone Makibi, the Detective First-class of the Galaxy Police from Tenchi Muyo is the next damsel. It took a great deal of effort to capture her, but here she is shackled to the wall and floor in a sitting position with her hands above her head. Although the fake gangsters and their guns aimed at her are to give the impression that she's being interrogated, her over-the-mouth-and-hair gag wouldn't let her talk anyway.

Drawn by ghostshinobi. Colored by Supertailshero

     The next trophy damsel is the most typical of potential DiDs ever in an anime. With her blonde hair and blue eyes, Sailor Venus has always been a favorite catch among villains. Dyne now has her tied spread-eagle to a large table that is the focus of a laser that would destroy her if it was real and actually moved up the table. A solid mouth packing and a bit gag are her mufflers.

Drawn by Bill K.

     A woman as calm and collected as Miyuki Kobayakawa from You're Under Arrest would be expected to rationally figure out a method of escape, except for the fact that her major weakness is exploited. Standing in the middle of the cell with her hands tied above her head and ankles shackled to the ground, she can only try to move away from the several ghosts and monsters, her greatest fears, that continually reach out for her. A full packing and several strips of tape ending in an X pattern turn her cries into muffled whimpers.

Drawn by Imperial Draco

     The collection of Inner Sailor Senshi falls one step short of complete with the recent arrival of Sailor Mars. Tightly hog-tied with fireproof rope (but she doesn't know that) she is left in an apparently empty garage. She doesn't attempt to burn her bindings as, if you listen carefully, you'll hear the sound of a gas leak. The room is ventilated enough so she doesn't asphyxiate, but there is enough gas to ignite should be try to use her power. Nobody can hear her calls for help because of the extra thick scarf wrapped over her mouth and hair.

     Inuyasha fans will be happy to know that Higurashi Kagome is the occupant of this next cell. She made the mistake of taking duct tape to the past. Now, she's been captured by a band of thieves, finds herself taped to a tree with what was left of the roll stuck over her mouth in several strips. To give her an incentive to not try to escape, the gang has decided to borrow her bow and arrow and play William Tell with her. Only they couldn't find any apples, so they're using a cherry instead.

Drawn by MDV1

     The lovely Winry Rockbell from Full Metal Alchemist now joins our ranks. Her love of machines seems to have caught up with her as she lays inside the trunk of a car tied up in a nice ball to fit. The rope holds her arms behind her and her thighs are tied to her chest. Strips of tape are the muffler that keeps anyone from hearing her cries while the car is being "crushed." Even though the same part is being squashed, the loud sounds and the enormous shaking are still convincing to her.

     The main heroine and one of the blue-haired cuties from Rurouni Kenshin, Kaoru Kamiya, has shamed her school and family name beyond redemption and must now perform the seppuku ritual. However, somebody should tell her because, as she sits in a kneeling hog-tie, she keeps avoiding the kaishaku's katana and the tanto on a stick that pushes forward to pierce her (even though both are fake and the dagger will never reach her). A rolled up cleave-gag does a nice job of muffling her, ne?

     In deference to Gag Snob's manual, it's being taken to the extreme to serve as our next damsel's peril. Asuka Langley, famed loudmouth of Evangelion has her arms tied behind her, her ankles locked into the ground, and she stands hunched over with her head locked in a stock-like device as mechanical arms add layer after layer to her ever thickening gag. She was told that it would eventually cut off her breathing, but even Asuka doesn't deserve to suffocate, so it's all made of the most breathable cloth available and still acts as an effective silencer, even for her.

     Our next three damsels all come from the same series, but all have different perils to maximize our enjoyment. The first of this Love Hina trio is the adult Kaolla Su. By being tied to a conveyor belt as you see here you may think that she's in the classic buzzsaw peril. That is incorrect. In the memory of Superman II she is actually on her way towards a small chamber filled with the light of the red moon that will permanently keep her in her adult form. Strips of tape secure the packing in her mouth.

     Maehara Shinobu, an AVGDID favorite, may get her wish of getting the chance to kiss Keitaro, but it could cost her more than she bargains for. She sit's bound to the seat of the boat in the Tunnel of Lost Love taken from Ranma 1/2. Images of Keitaro continually come to her and attempt to kiss her, but if they succeed, she will be cursed to never be loved by anyone. Because of how cute Shinobu is, she obviously has a cute OTN gag over the other layers.

     Narusegawa Naru is our final captive of this Love Hina trio. In the spirit of the joke made through the series regarding Keitaro's name, Naru lies bound spread eagle to a large sacrifical altar underneath an enormous potato that is suspended above her by four ropes that are all slowly being burned by native torches. And, to add to the spirit of the situation, what better way to gag her than with a potato for a packing and held in with tape and an OTM?

     In Dyne's opinion, this next resident is another trophy damsel and so she is being treated thusly. Chidori Kaname of Full Metal Panic stands bound to a pole on a small pedestal with a large container of molten bronze teetering on a platform over her head and also attached to the pole to turn her into a trophy in case she struggles a little too hard and causes the container to tip a little too far over. She looks good with a knotted cleave gag, ne?

     This next damsel has been elusive for quite some time, but she was finally caught up to. Mano Yohko, the Mamono hunter with one of the most unusual hairstyles in anime history is taking her turn for target practice. She is tied to a giant pendulum that swings back and forth across the room. With the targets held in the loops of her hair, it makes a fairly challenging shot for the many mamono that wish to get back at her. We don't have to worry about screaming, that bit gag will hold the packing in.

     The phrase, "A Captain always goes down with the ship," couldn't hold more true for Captain Teletha Testarossa of the Tuatha de Danaan from Full Metal Panic. The military sub was critically damaged in battle and everyone was forced to evactuate. However, during the confusion, Captain Tessa was grabbed by a rogue agent and left hogtied and cleave-gagged inside one of the sub's compartments while everyone escaped. Now, she must work her way over to the final escape pod either before her air runs out or the remaining water-tight doors fail and her area is flooded out. The clock is ticking...

Drawn by Epsilon Cat

     Many people who work office jobs always complain about the mountains of paperwork they have to deal with on a daily basis. For now, Mikihara Ren, Student Counsel President's assistant of Full Metal Panic's life depends on a giant stack of papers that she sits kneeling hogtied and ball gagged on top of. A shift in her weight will cause the tower of papers to fall, taking her with them and causing the many other towers to collapse and bury her.

     Say hello to the dungeon's first mermaid guest. Houshou Hanon of Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch may feel right at home in her cell as it's completely underwater. However, both her upper body and tail are shackled to a column in the middle of the room while some waterproof duct tape and an OTN gag keep her silent. Her peril isn't exactly apparent, but if you watch the thermometer on the side wall, you will notice it slowly and steadily rising towards the boiling point of water. Don't let her cute, anime girl eyes, fool you. Simply remember that she is in no real danger.

     Haruhi Suzumiya, the heroine from the series that bears her name, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, has always dreamed of meeting aliens, time travellers, and espers. Her wish has been granted in which she was able to travel to the future and encounter an alien race. The problem is the alien king has decided to forcefully make Haruhi his bride. Now she stands, fully bound in chains and cleavegagged while the alien minister conducts the ceremony. For those who recall the gelatinous blob aliens from Futurama, this alien is the king of those blobs and the custom of their planet is to devour the queen if she is found to be unfit to provide an heir.

     Can you say moe? That is the perfect word to describe Mikuru Asahina from the Meloncholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Our cute damsel, clad in her combat waitress outfit from the student film shown in episode 1 (11) sits frontally tied to a chair overlooking a drop into a tub full of freezing cold water also full of ice cubes. It's easy for her to not tip herself foward and fall in as she is, but that would take all of the fun out of the peril. As you watch closely, every few seconds an ice cube travels down a ramp behind our damsel and falls down the back of her outfit. If she thrashes too hard from the cold, she'll get dunked. Even though her knotted cleavegag keeps her silent, we can still hear all of her cute whimpering.

     Scarlet O'hara, also known as Salvia, from Wedding Peach is an angel, and our next captive. Christmastime has come to the city and the mayor is looking in the woods for a giant tree to decorate and display in the town square. When he finds it, it's highly unlikely he'll notice that an angel has already been placed at the top. Scarlet has been chained to the top of the enormous pine tree and gagged with a large sticker with the classic, "Do Not Open Until Xmas,"phrase printed on it. As the logging crew begins to cut the tree down, Scarlet has to find some way to free herself, or at least make sure she isn't crushed in the fall.

     The tallest and bustiest ("most-talented" for you dubbies) Inner Sailor Senshi, Sailor Jupiter used to be in a group cell, but her companion recently moved to another cell, leaving Jupiter alone in the midst of a storm, literally. In order to fully support her size and weight, Jupiter has been tightly and fully tied and shibari'd midway up a lightning rod at the top of a tall skyscraper. Needless to say, despite her powers, it's not the best place for her to be in the middle of the terrible thunder and lightning storm raging through the area at this time. Even though her shiny red ballgag is made of rubber, it won't be enough to protect her should the lightning finally be drawn to her.

Drawn by ARNie

     One of the classic puzzles in action RPGs or platformers is for the player to be standing in a room of special tiles and must stand on the glowing or properly colored one in order to avoid dropping into a pit or deep water below. Matsuri Shihou of Sola, who is nicely and fully B&Ged with rope and a thick OTM, has no choice but to hop around her cell to avoid a similar fate. The glowing tile gives her an indication of where to hop to in order to avoid the shafts of concentrated sunlight that pour in through the ceiling after the other panels open. Because Matsuri is a Yaka, the sunlight will immediately inflict her with severe burns that will destroy her if she remains in the light for too long. As an added challenge, after each successful escape, not only does she have less time to hop over to the next tile, magical weights on her feet get heavier by a tad each time.

     Lucky Star's Konata Izumi joins us for our next cell that features some very nice nostalgia. For our old-school gamers who have played any of the King's Quest series, you must still feel how frustrated it has always been where, if you make one wrong move, you die. While Konata isn't in that same boat in facing death, she is facing multiple re-captures as you control her in this edition of Konata's Quest, where she must escape from this dungeon (in a sense, as even after the game is over she's still in the cell). With every new game, she starts off chairtied and OTN gagged as she awaits being placed in a new cell. You must take control of her and use items and information to get loose and avoid recapture. But, of course, the best endings of this game are the ones in which she is re-captured and placed in the various perilous situations and comprise the numerous game overs you can achieve. Feel free to play as long as you like, or be sure to pick up the take-home version at the gift shop.

     Despite how cute she is and how innocent she looks, you must be very careful when befriending Ryoko Asakura from the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya because she just might ask you to, "Please die~" as a favor while readying to jab a knife into your back. Luckily she's not a threat right now as she stands with her torso bound with rope and her ankles shackled together on a narrow beam between two walls with knives jutting out of them and closing in on her. Fortunately, each wall has a narrow opening that allowed her to shift herself over to safety before the walls retract and the trap resets. She must be careful not to fall as well, for the murky water below the platform is much deeper than it looks. An OTN gag makes her look especially cute in this peril and- wait, is she looking like she's having fun?!

     A classic damsel from a classic anime only results in capture for the dungeon. The title character of Nadia, Secret of Blue Water, never expected such a turn of events. In an attempt to avoid spoiling the series, I'll simply say that only certain people are able to harness the power that is the secret of her mysterious jewel, Blue Water, else they must face dire consqeuences. Enter a twist of fate in which a mysterious force was able to switch her Blue Water with the antithesis of the jewel, resulting in dire consquences for her in using its power, and that is where our peril comes in. The evil jewel has placed a curse on Nadia that is causing it to crystallize her starting from her hand until it spreads all the way across her body and she's fully encased within. The simple method of escape is to undo the crystallization by simply letting go of the jewel, but if she touches it with her other hand, that will only start the process anew there. A person not of her race must be the one to pull it away. The crystalization process immediately sealed itself over her mouth in the beginning to keep her gagged and unable to explain what needs to be done.

     Although her last name is never given in the anime, Tsuruya of the Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi remains quite popular among fans and is most noted for her tendency to burst out laughing uncontrollably in even the most awkward situations. Unfortunately for her, that is the last thing she would want to do right now. She must exhibit a herculean amount of willpower to not laugh as she stands bound with rope and cleavegagged atop a very precarious pillar of small, round platforms that are barely large enough for her to keep both feet on. Should the balance of the stacked platforms falter, she'll fall onto a bed of spikes that surround her in every direction. Of course, it would be easy for her to not laugh if funny clips and jokes weren't being displayed on the walls or played through the speakers installed in the cell.

     This cell may require a little bit of explanation if you haven't seen the 3rd Urusei Yatsura OVA, despite the damsel featured is Mizuki Inaba from Full Metal Panic. In that OVA, a special candy causes a small heart to appear from a person's head and, should anyone "catch" the heart, the one whose heart has been caught will fall in love with the catcher for as long as the heart is in hand. Poor Mizuki has been captured by a group of lustful perverts and was force fed one of those candies before being tied and shibari'd with rope, then ballgagged. Fortunately, before one of them could catch her heart, she was able to break away and start hopping to safety through the streets of the town. Unfortunately, should anyone catch her heart before the effect wears off, she'll fall in love with that person and a huge misunderstanding could results. For added eye candy and because her last name is Inaba, Mizuki is also wearing a bunnygirl suit.

     It's been a long time since one of the Sailor Senshi became a guest within the dungeon, and Hotaru Tomoe, a.k.a. Sailor Saturn, is the first to break that pattern of silence. As her fanbase knows, she loves to collect lamps and keeps them as the only source of light in her otherwise darkened room. And now, those same lamps are the key to keeping her from succumbing to a strange mist of darkness that threatens to re-corrupt her mind and turn her back into Mistress 9 during this classic battle of light vs. dark. Saturn is bound with her arms pinned at her sides and gagged by the strange tendrils of mist, but she is able to hop around and can reach far enough to touch the base of several lamps and turn them on as the mist seeks to turn them off all over the room. As long as just one lamp remains lit, she will be able to avoid full corruption long enough to escape the grasp of the tendrils that hold her bound.

     Michiru Kaioh, or Sailor Neptune, joins us now in a very bad pun based on her primary attack name as she has become Deep Submerged within a pool of water. Apparently some mobsters were able to catch up with her, place her feet in cement shoes, as well as binding her arms and legs with rope, and throw her into the water. In a cruel joke, they decided to give her a chance by placing a diving tank on her back before throwing her in. Unfortunately, the mouthpiece isn't in her mouth as the layers of tape wrapped around her head make it difficult for her to bite down on it and start breathing.

     We have another ironic twist of fate for a Sailor Senshi in this next cell that features Setsuna Meioh, or Sailor Pluto. That statement alone may have clued you in to the fact that she's bound to the hour hand of a giant clock at the top of a tall tower, resulting in a potentially long fall. If you're correct, give yourself a cookie. While Pluto is tied tightly enough to keep her from falling even if she's completely upside down, that doesn't mean that she's completely safe. Every time the minute hand passes beneath the hour hand, it frays a few threads of the ropes, causing it to weaken bit by bit. Even when the time comes to where the ropes can no longer support her, her thick cleavegag will keep anyone from hearing her scream as she plummets.

     A junk drawer is usually created when a person has no place else to put an item, and before long every loose item gets dumped into the desk. For Shinobu Miyake of Urusei Yatsura, she has been desked in the dump. The desk-throwing cutie was taken by surprise, fully bound with rope and tapegagged before being stuffed and locked into a large rollover desk scheduled to be taken to the dump. Aside from the risk of being tossed in a pile of garbage with the prospect of being buried under the next pile, there are a few small holes that are big enough for the mice and insects to squeeze inside and crawl all over her as she tries to free herself and get out of the desk.

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