Group/Mixed Wing

     Virginia Maxwell from Wild ARMs 3 and Meryl Strife of Trigun are roommates in the gallows as both are tied to poles with loose nooses around their necks. Virginia has a simple OTM scarf gag and Meryl is gagged a 'la Gag Snob's manual do to the excessive amounts of shouting she tends to create. The picture on the wall has a man reaching to flip the switch.

     Continue on to see two relatively unknown but very cute damsels: Nei from Phantasy Star II and Rika from Phantasy Star IV. Both are tied securely to gratings at the end of rocket engine blast vents. Every so often, a countdown will begin and the pillar will shake and take-off sounds are played when it reaches "0." Both girls are silenced with ARNie's trademark thick cleave gags. The room is, of course, painted with the scenery of a launch pad.

Drawn by ARNie

     There's no better pair than the Dirty Pair. The lovely Kei and Yuri were practically donated to the dungeon by a generous member of the board. These two lovely ladies are bound back-to-back and just-as-effectively gagged with strong colored tape. Don't they look especially helpless hanging over the tank of mysterious bubbling liquid prepared by their captors?

Drawn by Outlander

     The goddess sisters Belldandy and Skuld follow suit. While they were captured separately they share a room in which it appears that one of Skuld's machines has gone haywire. They are wrapped back-to-back in apparently bare wires and gagged with electrical tape. They dare not struggle too hard; otherwise one of the ends of those wires might touch one of the puddles of water painted onto the floor.

     More classic peril comes in a double-dose as Korruption's twin OC's, Lin and Rin Xao find themselves in a basement scenario. Chair tied back-to-back with a ticking time bomb strapped to each girl they can only struggle in vain. But of course that's not all; Lin's mouth is covered with several strips of tape and Rin finds herself silenced with a red ballgag.

     This cell took a great deal of work to complete as it features both Girltaker's Matsuri Aiyo and Kazeshin's Mira. They're tied sitting on the floor back-to-back with their legs stretched out and shackled to the wall. There is no need for any peril as those two simply can't stand being in the same room as each other, let alone tied to each other. Because they were being so noisy and disturbing the other guests, Dyne gave them both a double version of his triple layer gag.

     Princess Nina of Breath of Fire II now shares a cell with the adorable Dizzy of Guilty Gear. They both on special stone pedestals specially designed to decorate courtyards and other places meant for statues. A special magic forcefully keeps at least one foot on each stand and they must continually struggle as the pedestals slowly turn them into stone, but enough movement will cause it to fall back. This is one of the few scenes where the damsels aren't gagged, mainly because the magic of the pedestals has made them mute in and allows for a more natural statue look should they fully become petrified.

Drawn by ARNie

     Alisa, heroine from the original Phantasy Star, finds herself with her arms behind her and legs together, sitting in the chamber of an air lock. Apparently one of Lashiec's minions caught her travelling between planets and has plans to jettison her into space. But she isn't alone. Girltaker's Captain Starheart was also recently captured and placed in this peril too. She is tied in the same manner and, sitting next to each other, Starheart's right leg is tied to Alisa's left. Starheart's beloved hat is also on the floor next to the outer door as a lure. For if they get too close, the door opens. The knotted cleave gag in Alisa's mouth and the several layers of regular cleaves in Starheart's keep their voices from penetrating the walls.

     Our next cell is shared by two residents from a single series. Sylphiel Nels Lahda, shrine maiden of Sairaag has been captured and tied to the tail of a ramptanly flying dragon as it tears through the skies and terrorizes the countryside. Down on the ground, tied into a device that controls her arm movements and saps her power is Lina Inverse, who is continually casting the Dragon Slave in an attempt to destroy the dragon. However, she's not far enough away to avoid the blast should she actually hit (and if that was the actual Dragon Slave rather than special effects). Sylphiel sports a classic OTM while Lina had to be silenced with Gag Snob's manual.

     Our next cell contains another pair of rivals: Raya G's Rara and Marah. The two of them are each bound to chairs on the opposite end of the cell and their faces are practically completely covered by their OTN gags and the virtual reality helmets that have been placed on their heads. If you look up to the far wall, you'll see what they're seeing: themselves bound, gagged, and hopping away from the other, who is taking potshots at her with a paintball gun.

     Karyu's ever-beloved OC Cynthia "Angel" Heart has been relocated to share this new cell with our very own RinRin. If you recall one of Karyu's older pics, the two of them were captured by pirates while at the beach and left bound and OTN gagged on the deck. The two now stand tied to the ship's mast during a heavy storm that brewed while the pirates were en route to their hideout. The pirates themselves have abandoned ship, leaving our two damsels completely helpless should the ship take on water and begin to sink.

Drawn by Ryusei Hikari

     If you will continue on, you will see two cute bunny girls together in the same peril. First is Makihara Arina of Waku Waku 7, poletied and cleavegagged, and second is Reisen Udongein Inaba of Touhou, also poletied but OTN gagged. Both of the girls' poles are mobile in the sense that they are carried underneath the ground only to pop up through another hole elsewhere in the room. If you haven't figured it out yet, please notice the giant hammer that hovers over to one of the girls and attempts to whack them before they pop over to another hole. I can't help but admit that bunnies are much cuter than moles for this kind of game.

     We now have a double dose of cute girls wearing glasses for you to admire. El Capitan's Joanna Lo and Chrono Trigger's Lucca were working together to develop an artificial being when the prototype malfunctioned and turned against them. The two girls now sit, bound back-to-back and gagged with electrical tape, on a conveyor belt that is slowly carrying them towards a very deadly electric field that was set up by their robot. With their legs taped to the belt, they can neither work to get up on their feet or roll off of it.

Drawn by Parasyte

     Our next two damsels are technically the same girl from alternate universes, but still a nice double-dose of damsels as we look at Parasyte's Elly Hamilton and Allie Summers bound back-to-back in chairs and tied with special "snake" rope that looks and acts like the reptile. As one of the two struggles, the bonds will tighten around the other and vice-versa if the other struggles as well. The two of them must keep an even balance and not pass out from the squeezing, otherwise either one of the "dead man switches" that will trigger upon fainting will detonate the bomb strapped around them as well. The "snake" rope is also wrapped around both damsels' mouths to keep them nicely muffled.

Drawn by Parasyte

     A classic peril for a damsel or two is to place them on the edge of a cliff in order for them to attempt to keep their balance and keep from falling over. This is a little twist on that peril: Karyu's Rai Kisarigi stands poletied back-to-back with Girltaker's Rocki Masahara, secured with several strong leather belts- with the former being ballgagged and the latter OTN gagged- and their feet secured to the top of a giant disc. This disc is actually an air hockey puck bouncing around a large-scale table. If either one of the players scores a goal, the puck and girls plummet several feet towards jagged rocks below.

     This next peril was very tricky to set up as it contains all three of the Pegasus Knight sisters from Fire Emblem 7; Florina, Fiora, and Farina. The giant tree in the center stands as the girls' greatest danger as it's poor balance could cause it to fall in any direction if too much weight is put on it. That's where our damsels come in. Florina is reliving an old memory as she finds herself bound and OTN gagged hanging upside down next to a large hive of deadly bees that will get very angry if the tree falls; she has to stay very still, otherwise the tree will lean in her direction. Fiora and Farina are each in the same situation, being half-suspended from other branches of the tree as their feet rest on stacks of blocks to absorb the pressure, but if either stack falls, the tree will fall in their direction. This would be no problem for the tapegagged Fiora or the knotted cleave-gagged Farina, except for the fact that Fiora is being forced to watch her pegasus be stolen by the enemy while Farina has to watch all of her money be stolen as well. Nooses hang around their necks in case the tree falls away from them. If one girl falters, all three will be taken.

     Our next group cell contains two more Touhou gals: the Scarlet Devil Mansion's head librarian, Patchouli Knowledge, and her assistant/familiar, Koakuma. Both of these cuties could do nothing as they were ambushed and left bound and OTM gagged to freely squirm and roll around on the floor of the library as it was robbed. However, as the mansion's pursuit team chased the robbers, their fighting caused the entire mansion to shake and now the bookshelves are starting to fall over. Both Patchy and Koakuma each must work their way to fit into a large, empty nook of each shelf as they fall towards the two damsels. In true video game fashion, each bookshelf mysteriously vanishes after it falls and as the next one, which somehow ends up in the same place as the last, begins to tip and fall over towards our two librarians.

     Within the world of Gensokyo, the process of dying is somewhat complicated. The dead spirit travels to the land of the dead, Higan, and must pay the ferryman of the Sanzunokawa (River Styx) all of the money that the spirit holds upon leaving the body. The ferryman, Komachi Onozuka then carries the dead spirit across the river or throws the spirit into it depending on if all of the money was surrendered. Upon successful crossing, the spirit is judged by Sikieiki Yamaxanadu and sentenced to either heaven or hell based on the person's life. Both Komachi and Sikieiki find themselves in a heavy mess together. Both of these lovely damsels are shackled spread-eagle to a gigantic stone coin precariously balanced on its side. They must be careful not to struggle too hard lest the coin tip over and crush the one who happens to be on the underside. They must also work together to keep balance as the level of the ground may change from flat to an incline and cause them to roll. Mirrors and the occasional rotation of the ground allow for both of these damsel to be seen at once. Komachi is cleavegagged while Sikieiki, being known for her long lectures, is gagged in Gag Snob's fashion.

     Music lovers will appreciate our next pair of damsels as we have Guilty Gear's I-No and Power Instinct's Remi Otogiri sharing this cell. The two of them sit tied back-to-back with lots of rope inside of a giant acoustic guitar just waiting for somebody to come by and play it. Should someone play the instrument hard enough, the vibrations on the inside will literally shake these two damsels apart. Of course, with I-No being ballgagged and Remi being electric tapegagged, nobody on the outside can hear their calls to not play the guitar.

     Would you sacrifice yourself to save your best friend? That must be what Sayuri Kurata and Mai Kawasumi from Kanon are thinking as they find themselves in a most unusual peril. Both girls are poletied within giant, transparent bowling pins with Sayuri OTN gagged and Mai cleavegagged. As you may guess, they are at the end of a giant bowling lane that places them in the potential path of an oncoming ball. However, these pins are unusual in that the ball can only touch a single one before it magically disappears and the ball teleports back to the bowler. After all of the pins but the girls' vanish, the pins are reset and their new positions are randomly chosen. Should the ball touch a pin with one of the girls, she will be sent into the Void with the pin while the other will live and go free. Both of these girls are able to tip their pin over to intercept the ball and sacrifice herself to save the other in case the ball looks like it's going to hit her.

     This tour has gotten so long that I can't remember if this next cell contains our first trio of damsels or not. But the one thing that's better than any regular trio is the fact that all three of these damsels are sisters. Starting from the oldest of the Prismriver sisters: Lunasa the violinist, Merlin the trumpeteer, and Lyrica the pianist/keyboardist. This cell is divided into three seprate blocks in which each of the sisters is strapped to a large stone block with her hands above her head holding onto a bar that acts as counterweight against an iron ball that will trigger each trap should it fall onto the switch. If Lunasa lets go, a giant, extra sharp violin bow will slice her in half. If Merlin lets go, a trapdoor will open and send her plummeting into a sea of molten brass used to make trumpets. And if Lyrica lets go, a giant piano hammer will fall onto her. The iron balls aren't that heavy, so the three musical sisters would have no problem holding on for a long time, but the incredibly bad and noisy music piped into the cell may soon drive one to cover her ears and block it out, thus triggering the trap. And, of course, should any one sister trigger her trap, it will also activate a device to sever the rope supporting the other two iron balls and trigger the other traps as well. Lunasa is knotted-cleavegagged, Merlin is OTN gagged, and Lyrica is OTM gagged.

     This next cell is for fans of both Guilty Gear and Xenogears. Millia Rage and Emeralda are both able to turn their hair into weapons and use it to deliver devastating attacks to their opponents. Now these two damsels have been cursed to lose control of their hair and find themselves bound and gagged back-to-back to each other with each other's hair! Not ont that, but the two must squirm and roll around on the ground in order to avoid the spear-like strands of hair from each other that pop out from the walls, floor, and ceiling in an attempt to skewer them. With their concentration being monopolized by their peril, they may never regain control of their powers in time.

     I hope many of you are familiar with the classic game, River City Ransom. In case you didn't know, that was merely one of several Kunio-kun games produced in Japan. Misako and Kyoko, two cuties from another one of his games, Tachi no Banka, compose our next DiDed duo. Both of these damsels are suspended by their wrists from a bridge overlooking a river filled with sharp rocks. A single rope strewn across the road on the bridge is what keeps both of these girls from falling below. Their captors have demanded that Kunio-kun ride to their rescue, only they have claimed they're in a nearby warehouse that he must cross the bridge on his motocycle to get to. If he rides across the support rope, it will most definitely snap and send the two girls plummeting. Misako is OTM gagged with a scarf and Kyoko is OTN gagged.

     While Eirin Yagokoro of Touhou was originally alone in a cell, she has now been moved to be with her best friend, Kaguya Houraisan, Kaguya's mortal enemy, Fujiwara no Mokou, and Mokou's best friend, Keine Kamishirasawa Keine. Eirin and Keine are each nearly-mummified and heavily gagged with silver, metallic ribbons made from Lunarian technology and placed in capsules floating over a quasi-battle arena where Mokou and Kaguya are battling each other. The two enemies, bound and gagged in the same fashion, are both poletied to special platforms that would normally only spin in circles above the circular arena, but both girls are able to press a foot down on the platform to make them charge forward in the direction they're currently facing. While Kaguya and Mokou try to knock each other off of the platform and into the gravitational pull of the nearby black hole, the only thing that holds them back is the knowledge that, if one of them wins, her best friend will be shot out of the capsule and into the pull of the hole as well. That is, if Kaguya wins, she loses Eirin, and Mokou will lose Keine, even though the winner and the loser's best friend will get to go free. However, the two combatants can't hesitate for too long, otherwise the pull of the black hole will grow and draw all four into it's inescapable gravity.

     Lum and Ran from Urusei Yatsura have been moved from their old cells in order to join their alien friends, the wild luck goddess Benten and the calm-but-powerful Oyuki, Queen of Neptune. All four girls' lives are in Lum's hands as she stands in the middle of a triangle formed by the other three, all of whom are fully secured to metallic objects with heavy chains that are also connected to Lum. Should Lum get angry enough to generate an electric shock after being forced to watch a video of Ataru flirting with other girls, her three friends will not only feel the effects, but an amplifier attached to Lum will cause her to generate a shock that will be fatal to not only her friends, but to her as well, for the amplifier will also cause her to not stop generating a shock until her life force is drained. Lum is over-the-nose-and-hair gagged, Ran is OTM gagged, Benten tapegagged, and Oyuki is leather-OTM gagged and her eyes blocked with a freeze-proof mask, as she can freeze things with a glance and would be the best hope of the girls escaping otherwise.

Drawn by Parasyte

     While the Wii version of the game is known as Super Swing Golf, for simplicity's sake we'll refer to is as Pangya for this and following cells that contain the very cute girls from it. Speaking of whom, two of them at the same time have been introduced to the dungeon and share this peril. Cecilia, the Naval representative to the Pangya Festa tournament, and Arin, the bouncy and highly skilled champion, were preparing for their match when a strange black orb sealed them inside. The two are bound and gagged back-to-back by strange tendrils within the orb and have been shrunk down to the size of a golf ball by the same dark forces. It's only a matter of time before someone mistakes the orb for a ball and decides to use it on the course they were about to play, which is known for its many obstacles and large bodies of water.

     This next large group cell will be especially pleasing to those who have a leg fetish and/or like seeing damsels in cheongsams. All four of our guests are quite leggy China gals bound together in a very strict fashion that requires perfect coordination to even make any headway against their bonds at all. Chun-Li Xiang of Street Fighter fame, Lei-Fang of Dead or Alive, Marilyn Sue of the doujin fighter Akatsuki BK, and Dyne's own OC Aremi Juuman are each poletied to large columns with their arms around behind them high above a sea of molten lava in a square arrangement of poles and facing each other. Each girl's right leg is raised high up and tied at the rests' ankles while their left legs are all tied together as if they would be posed while in a sitting position, thus giving us a nice view while evenly distributing the weight between the four captives. A knife dangles just above the girls' toes and they must find some way of freeing themselves before the four columns sink all the way into the lava. For each girl, her ballgag matches the color of her cheongsam: Chun-Li in blue, Lei-Fang in green, Marilyn in yellow, and Aremi in red.

     When two cute foxgirls get together in this community, there's no doubt that trouble will soon follow. For the case of Yi-Phan's OC Kitsuki Ichiyuki and Touhou's Ran Yakumo, the law holds true. Both foxgirls have been captured by manic fox hunters, fully bound at the upper bodies, and multiple-layer gagged to slow them down due to difficulty in breathing during the hunt. Both foxes must now run through the forest with only their legs free and must elude the hunters and their dogs. To make matters worse, the only stream they are able to cross contains very slippery rocks in the midst of some pretty harsh rapids. For both foxgirls, slowing down or slipping could result in having them stuffed and mounted.

     Have you ever played a game of Pac-man and got so frustrated when you tried to eat one of the ghosts right as a power pellet wore off, causing you to die and shout obscenities in the middle of the arcade? Fortunately our version contained within this cell lets our Pac-man eat as many of his opponents as he wants over and over again. Four trainers from the Pokemon games: Marina, May, Hikari, and Blue, each bound with ropes, chains, ribbons, and bandages respectively, must hop around the built-in maze to avoid Poke-man, the giant pokeball controlled by you, the player. The object is, of course, to catch all four trainers in the ball per level and you may play as long as you like. To add a little more irony to the damsels' situation, they'll all pokeballgagged too. We will continue the tour once you've finished your game.

     Our next interactive cell features all five of the Hiiragi women from Lucky Star: Miki the mother and the four daughters, Inori, Matsuri, Kagami, and Tsukasa, and it is quite unique among the dungeon as you will only see three of the five at a time during this game. The object is to select the odd one out of the three that do appear. This means that two of them could have similar eye styles, hair color, outfits, binds, gags, etc. Depending on the difficulty level the game may try to fake you out and show two similarities that look obvious but don't result in the correct answer. Simply push the button to make your selection. If you are correct, the next round will begin with the next three in new ties, outfits, and gags as implied above. If you choose the incorrect answer, the real odd one out will take a plunge into the dunk tank below. If you take too long, all three will get soaked.

     These spice girls are far more likable and cute than the band of the same name. The middleschool trio of Sugar, Ginger, and Pepper from Urusei Yatsura are probably regretting their having been named those as they each stand fully bound with rope inside a trio of glass tubes. Pepper, who is OTM gagged and forced to breathe through her nose is the keystone of whether or not the trap behind the peril activates or not. Her tube sits between Sugar's and Ginger's and is slowly being filled with clouds of actual pepper. Pepper herself has a noose around her neck and is trying her absolute hardest not to sneeze as the trap is activated by sound. Should she falter, she'll be raised from the floor and the other two tubes will dump their very heavy loads of sugar and ginger onto the tapegagged Sugar and cleavegagged Ginger.

     The possibility of a punching bag chain breaking and sending the bag flying is quite real in this world and the numerous implications of what can happen have been utilized in several games, especially beat-em-ups. I now wish to offer a new situation featuring Final Fight 2's Maki and #3's Lucia Morgan. These two fighting cuties have been chained together with their hands above their heads and strictly OTM gagged inside of an oversized punching bag where a thin support chain connects their wrists with the bag's frame. The bag itself hangs in front of a window in a gym overlooking a deep canyon and river and, while the girls won't be hurt by any of the blows that hit the bag, they should be more worried about the chain breaking and the bag flying through the window.

     The most entertaining three-legged races to watch are almost always the ones in which the two partners don't get along and often stumble more than make progress, and it's even better when the two are sisters. The vampire sisters of Touhou, Remilia and Flandre Scarlet, are bound together in that exact same scenario with one arm around the other's shoulders and the other pinned at her side, and both are triple-layered gagged as they must cooperate to navigate a special "hedge" maze made entirely of garlic plants and streams of running water, thus preventing them from simply assuming bat form and flying away. Of course there is a stipulation in that they must reach the maze's exit by working together before the sun comes up. Will sisterly love win out for the two of them or will their rivalry be their undoing?

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