Dyne's Damsel Dungeon Tour

*A holographic anime cutegirl appears before you.*

     Welcome to Dyne's Damsel Dungeon Tours, my name is Fumiko but everyone calls me Fumi-chan.

     Before entering the dungeon, our proprietor, Gunarm Dyne, would like to inform you of how he captures his damsels. His left arm is artificial and the left wrist can be removed to reveal a special implanted gun very much like Vash the Stampede of Trigun. It is primarily used for capturing damsels instead of fighting. The gun is equipped with smoke bombs, self-tying rope bullets, flash bulbs, and sleeping gas bombs. With recent modifications he is now able to fire small, painless tranquilizer darts, and bullets that leave a puddle of grease or glue. He has several options of catching his damsels from afar but also likes to grab them personally. Should Dyne be required to defend his damsels he is stocked with regular ammo and he has the ability to record, learn, and master almost any technique he has observed. I must warn you that he is especially protective of those seeking to physically or mentally harm any girl, especially YiPhan's OC Kitsuki. To view the full-size version of any cell that has an accompanying picture, simply click on it. Now, let us move on to the dungeon.

     Let us begin. The newest additions may be found right away-

There are currently no new damsels, but an index has been added to make navigation easier.

If you wish to continue within another wing of the dungeon, please feel free to explore them or check out the Damsel Index for a list of all of our damsels sorted by name.
Anime Video Game Western Original Group/Mixed

     Should any of these damsels succeed in undoing their bonds and leaving their cells, an alarm will sound, all doors will lock, and several traps are armed. Should a damsel fall into a trapdoor, an automated system will wrap her from the mouth down in duct tape until she can be returned to her cell. The trap also packs the damsel's mouth with cloth before wrapping over their mouth with tape. If a damsel can fly, she simply has to pass through one of many force fields that trigger a similar wrapping system.

     That concludes the tour, all questions should be directed to management and don't forget to stop by our gift shop with several postcards of each damsel. Thank you very much and have a nice day.

     *As Fumi-chan bows, we see her get grabbed from behind and, a few seconds later, she is chair tied and OTN gagged. She struggles for a few moments before fading out.*

Drawn by Chemical Love

Current Damsel Count: 233

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