Original Character Wing

     One of Girltaker's original characters, Katchan from Animal Superheroes has found herself in a rather perilous situation. Tied to a tree and OTM gagged, she can do nothing as a chainsaw cuts through the tree and gets closer to reaching her (or so it sounds to her).

     Keffie Hester, a local resident exorcist has found a new home in one of Girltaker's special coffin box inventions. But don't worry, this one is transparent so we can still see her nice body, although the (fake) bugs crawling around inside of it do obscure the view a little. Knowing Keffie, they're tickling her more than scaring her but the OTM and hair scarf wrapped around her head makes it hard to tell.

Drawn by Bill K.

     Even before she was fully introduced she was caught and brought to the dungeon. Girltaker's Native American cutie, Sabine Strongbow, has gone to the casinos. Leather-gagged and tied spread-eagle to a giant roulette wheel that is on top of a trapdoor leading down into a crocodile pit. Each spin will determine what happens. Each red makes the doors open a little more, black will close them a little. But if it falls on 00, they will open completely. Fortunately, like all casinos, it's rigged.

     Yet another one of Girltaker's OCs has now found a place in the dungeon. The off-the-charts cute Oni-Girl has her arms pinned to her sides with electrical tape, is standing hunched over with her head locked in some stocks, and her feet locked in a special wheeled cage that carries her back and forth through the cell as a bullfighter repeatedly "taunts" her with his cape. More electrical tape is wound around her head over her mouth to keep her from calling out for Hanyouman legibly.

     Kazeshin's name change to Raikou happened about the same time his OC, Arashi, was captured. Even though this cell is somewhat based on an inside joke, our resident stands poletied in a large booth at a carnival. The attraction is "Pat the ninja girl's thigh, $1." Extra rope keeps her body secure and a series of thick cleave gags keep her silent as she glares daggers at the increasing line of patrons. A convenient counter sits at the side of the booth to show how many customers came through so far. It's not a small number either.

     Sabrina the Teenage Witch... you may think she has a place here but she actually doesn't. This next captive is a half-wtich, but it's Girltaker's half-witch OC, Kimmie Saya. A rival school has captured her and sabotaged her broom. She sits tied to her broom which is also chained to a strong column to keep it from being sucked in by the giant vacuum that it constantly pulling at the red-haired cutie. But of course, the chain is beginning to wear out. Even if the packing and OTM gag that muffle her weren't there, I doubt anyone could hear her over the sound of the vacuum.

     We now have another very big surprise for you. Our next guest is someone very special and you may know her from Gothic Girl Studios: Mysidia. Her love of being bound in raincoats has now caught up with her as she finds herself tied to a conveyor belt and tape-gagged in a raincoat factory as hot rubber is poured onto the belt before being made into the coats. It's only a matter of time before she gets her wish and becomes encased in a raincoat for all time.

     Our next guest is the first damsel who isn't necessarily in any peril, but still puts on a good show for all of us. If you're familiar in any way with the way Bakura's OC, Alex, acts towards him, you may wish to watch for a while as she, being both bound and gagged with a large amount of duct tape, hops around within her cell towards a projection of Bakura. Of course, the moment she gets close, he disappears and reappears elsewhere in the cell, keeping her on a wild goose chase. Those tiny hearts you see coming from her head definitely show that she hasn't quite caught on yet

     For those of you who know Seifer's Naia, you'll also know that she plays a special flute, only now the tables have turned against her. She stands tightly bound to a tall tree with her hands above her head and fingers wrapped up in duct tape with Power Nullifiers locked on her wrists and a knotted cleave gag tied between her teeth. She stands completely helpless as a forest imp plays her flute to summon kunai, rocks, fireballs, and anything else to be shot at her, only to have them all disappear at the last instant.

     Many of you may recall puzzles in may games in which you have to slide platforms along icy paths in order to fill holes or create a platform to higher ground. Sailornappers OC Frost now finds herself strapped to one of these big platforms as it bounces around a large chamber with a floor entirely made of ice. Her platform runs several risks of falling into large holes that open up or travelling underneath the path of one of the many icicle spikes that are falling from the ceiling. The leather bands that bind her body and hold her against the platform are also used as an effective OTM gag.

     Recently Remus's OC Wossername took a Hawaiian vacation, however this also led her to be placed in Hawaiian peril. The blue-haired damsel now finds herself fully bound with rope and gagged with a knotted cleave inside a tidal pool. However, she does not have to worry about drowning as the waves no longer reach the pool at high tide. However, it is jellyfish season and many of them are slowly being pushed closer to the edge of the pool as the waves wash them onto the shore.

     When damsels come in a package deal, Dyne will catch one and immediately catch the second as illustrated with the addition of Remus's other main OC, Aeria. She has recently been having some problems with chibi assaults trying to take a bite out of her. Now her problem has escalated several fold as our damsel can only look down from her suspended hogtie into a giant pit filled with chibi versions of herself and Wossername. The thick OTM scarf wrapped around her head muffles her yelps as her support rope continues to be frayed by a few of the chibis working endlessly to make her fall in.

     The second pair of package-deal damsels starts off with DL Showtime's Alexus Montgomrey. The poor girl was snatched from off the street, wrapped up in tape, and strapped into the backseat of a car. However, the driver wasn't watching where he was going, soon lost control, and he was thrown out while the car itself is now spinning around along a large oil slick within a warehouse used to store several types of volatile contents. And yes, the villain had enough tape left over to heavily gag her with it too.

     DL Showtime's other main OC, Mercedes Rivera aka Ranga Girl now finds herself in any situation that a heroine who wears all red would never want to be in: Poletied and gagged in the middle of a field of angry bulls. The fact that she is gagged with a red scarf that hangs behind her and flows well when a gust of wind arises is what attract's the bulls' attention. Fortunately for Ranga Girl, the scarf is long enough such that the bull charges by her, but there have been several passes in which part of the scarf was torn off by the bull's horn...

Drawn by great_distroyer

     One of the greatest sites in a DiD universe is that of a cute French maid effectively bound and gagged and this cell features none other than MaullarMaullar's Dea Ssird bound to the stand of a giant broom as it sweeps the floor. The reason why she looks afraid is because she can feel that the strand she's tied to is coming closer and closer to breaking with each sweep. How long will it be before this lovely maid falls from the broom and gets swept up herself? It is reccomended that you enjoy the sight of her bound with those ropes and ballgagged while you can.

Drawn by Raya G

     The dungeon's 100th damsel is none other than AVGDID's own pawiccan, who finds herself at the mercy of some 16th century witch hunters and has been sentenced to be burned at the stake. They did grant her final request of binding her with leather straps and ball gagging her when they secured her to the pole. Now as the flames begin to consume the pile of wood and creep closer to her, her peril increases. How long until she is consumed? It may take quite a long time, actually, because those flames are holographic, but she specifically requested this peril.

     To start things off on the right note, the dungeon's 101st damsel is also a regular at AVGDID. Sakura has once again been captured at the hands of her rival, who is starting to feel intent on getting her out of the picture for good. Our damsel finds herself bound with chains and OTM gagged inside a hollow target on a military artillery range. Nobody will be able to hear her "Mmphing" over the sounds of the shooting outside. So far she has been lucky as her body is well below the bulls-eye and the marksmen have been good. But that won't matter for long as the bazooka unit is next.

     When MisterDin's OC, Lienne Powter was called in for a plumbing job, I'm sure she never imagined that she would find herself wrapped in the tendrils of two different monsters living in the pipes that are fighting over her for their next meal. With her arms pinned and her mouth covered, she can neither reach her giant wrench nor call for help. It's only a matter of time before one of the two monters overpowers the other or their strong pulls stretch her out like on a rack.

     Dyne has anticipated capturing this next damsel for a long time and has finally succeeded. Mog's catgirl OC, Meeko Yamashita, is now a part of the dungeon. Bound with rope and triple layer gagged, she is able to hop around inside of her cell, but not very far as her tail is tied to a ring embedded in the cell's wall. This ring is the control mechanism for the walls themselves as, for as long as she's moving, she is keeping the walls from closing in on her. Just out of reach, of course, is the switch to completely disable the trap.

     As we continue, you'll find that our next damsel is another OC catgirl, this time it is Talon RV's Kitty Lynx. She is wrapped up in ribbons to secure her arms and legs, and also to silence her. She has to hop quickly to stay ahead of the bridge that is crumbling behind her, as we see in so many video games, and drop her into the murky waters below. While she could still be able to float even if she fell, the weight tied to the end of her tail will make sure that doesn't happen.

Drawn by Imperial Draco

     Because he felt that her old cell wasn't perilous enough, Dyne has now remodeled Vokoro Zanthie's cell to a distress level suitable for any woman with one of those horrendous, "sexy" laughs like she has. Many of you may remember the concept of Speed Square in the Gold Saucer on Final Fantasy VII in which you ride a roller coaster and shoot at objects, this is the exact opposite. In a redefinition of the suspension roller coaster, Zanthie is bound and suspended from a set of rollers along the bar of the coaster and has no choice but to ride the ride endlessly while several small ships, UFOs, and other obstacles constantly fire at her while she rides along at high speeds. The shots themselves will only sting her a little if they hit her, but the real danger is if they continually hit and fray her support ropes which, if broken will set her up for a nice, long fall. Because of the size of an average roller coaster, the damsel had to be shrunk and placed on a miniature version that you see on the table in the middle of the cell. However, there is always a camera focused on her and the display may be seen on the back wall so that you may admire the details of her tie. The OTN gag, along with the several layers of cloths underneath, keeps the noise of her cries at a minimum.

     Agent Yi-Phan Tua's latest mission did not quite go as planned. She finds herself in the hands of her enemies tied to a chair in the interrogation room with her arms behind her, her torso secured to the back, and her legs bound together with heavy rope. Her captors are currently keeping her silenced with a thick packing held in place with a heavy OTM gag until they return and attempt to make her talk. Unfortunately for her, the lone guard they left behind is a heavy chain smoker and, in an attempt to try to get his lighter to work, he fails to notice the smell of the gas leak inside of the room while Yi is fully aware of it and tries in vain to warn him.

     Over the years as a villain, Dyne has come up with some fairly silly ideas for peril to place his captive damsels in. This one has always been a favorite and Yi-Phan's elf OC, Aiyako, is the one placed in this particular predicament. She hangs upside-down by her ankles with her arms tied parallel behind her back and legs together with rope above a pit filled with swarming rabid gerbils that eagerly await to sink their little teeth into her skin. The red ball gag strapped into her mouth is a nice complement to the fire in her eyes. But I do not know if she's angry about the fact that she's slowly being lowered into the pit or that her situation is allowing for a slight panty peek.

     At first glance, our next guest may not be in any apparent peril, for you will see Ryusei Hikari's Angela locked in a straightjacket and strapped down to a table with a leather hood covering her face, but inside the hood is a device that keeps her in a dormant state and holds her trapped within the dream you will see displaying onto the back wall of the cell. As you may know, Angela is a bondage diva and has the most fun when she's in a tight situation. She's definitely not having fun right now due to her Tantalus-like dream in which all of her binding and gagging materials disappear or move themselves out of her reach whenever she tried to pick one up, yet they're all still lying around her.

     Everybody loves witches and everybody loves cute catgirls, so it's no surprise that everybody loves Ghostshinobi's catgirl witch OC, Cleo. Unfortunately for her, there exist many witch-haters out in the world, regardless of how cute she is. Having been captured and placed on "trial," Cleo now lays hogtied and OTN gagged on the balance of a large scale. Her captors had been watching too much Monty Python and the Holy Grail and deduced that if she weighed the same as a duck, she was a witch. Therefore, the villagers are placing many ducks on the other portion of the scale until the weights are balanced. It will be then that she is declared guilty and taken to be burned at the stake. Fortunately for her, the ducks haven't been taking being placed on the scale in a large pile too kindly and many of them manage to fly away just before balance is reached.

     We now wish to present to you a tribute to one of our many heroines. MaullarMaullar's heroine OC, Overwoman, never expected to be earning such a tribute, especially when it will get her blown up. Our green-haired heroine is taped to the body of a large rocket with an equally heavy amount of tape wrapped around her head to keep her silent. She has but a few more seconds to escape before the fuse of the rocket finishes burning and the fireworks show begins.

     Our newest catgirl damsel is none other than Rico's purple-haired OC, Aerina Axelon. She uses various elemental gems in her daily life that come in many colors. For those of you who enjoy puzzle games, you may have already figured out her perilous situation. You may notice a controller in front of this cell as this is an interactive peril; meaning you can take control or it will display automatically otherwise. Our cute kitty stands OTN gagged with a cloth that dangles past her chin, bound in rope with her arms strickly pinned to her sides, and her feet encased inside a large gem in the middle of a large puzzle game board in which you must match gems to remove them from the board and prevent the board from becoming too cluttered. The additional object of this game, however, is to keep the block in which Aerina's feet are encased from falling to the bottom as well as preventing too much clutter. When the gem block holding Aerina's feet is cleared, she is immediately trapped in the gem below. Should the board become too cluttered or she fall through the bottom of it, it will be game over for Aerina.

     Every troublemaker will get her comeuppins sooner or later, and for Girltaker's fox-goddess OC, Inari Gingitsune, that time is now. Inari loves to use magical tops in her arracks, but now they've turned on her. Inari now stands belt bound and ballgagged in the middle of a gigantic arena filled with spinning tops. She must continually dodge or duck beneath an incoming top, lest she get knocked far far away. While the tops never stop spinning or bouncing around, if two collide with each other, they tend to knock themselves away from her for a brief moment.

     Parasyte's shape-shifting and not-so-bright villainess OC, Lady Darque, loves to turn her armbands into snakes in order to attack her opponents, but I doubt she ever expected to be placed in the current situation she's in in the next cell. Darque is bound and shibari'd with rope in a standing tie and harness ballgagged in the middle of a room full of pots containing giant pythons. Special music is piped into this cell and, as long as Darque struggles and waves her body, her movements will charm the snakes into not attacking her. Should she stop for a single moment, the ropes will be nothing compared to the enormous squeeze she'll feel next.

     Samantha Snide, a.k.a. Mana, is one of Rico's angelic OCs, and her situation is anything but. Our damsel stands atop a very narrow platform overlooking an apparently bottomless body of water in which large crystals of an unnamed evil element are protruding. Being an angel, she would survive a long fall and not drown in the water, but the heavy chains with which she's bound will force her to sink to the bottom and become pierced by one of the crystals. Such a wound, left untreated would eventually destroy her. The harsh winds and wobbling platform force her to keep her balance until she can find a way to at least free her wings. A special ballgag, secured with a lock and key at the back, keeps her silenced even though nobody would be able to hear her in her isolated position despite that.

     Our next mermaid guest is courtesy of Girltaker. His fighting mermaid OC, Arrel Trident, can even fight outside of water while walking on her hands. Unfortunately for her, she finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time right now. While exploring some nearby waters, Arrel accidentally wandered into a bed of mermaid-eating seaweed that has effectively pinned her arms to her sides, wrapped over her mouth, and anchored her tail to keep her from swimming away as it draws her to the sea floor for digestion. Luck is with her as a fisherman's net caught her and is pulling her away from the bed of seaweed, but towards a school of deadly box jellyfish. If she can somehow find a way to break from the seaweed that still binds her and out of the net, she'll be all right, but that boat is accelerating quickly.

     She's a sorceress and she's obsessed with cats. Girltaker's Hadoka Vokoro may initially enjoy her peril as she stands giftwrapped and gagged with colorful ribbons and is passed around amongst the catgirls she loves to play with in order to be glomped and snuggled by them. However, a few of these catgirls really don't know their own strength and just might squeeze her a little too hard one too many times when she's handed to them.

     Due to budget cuts at a local insane asylum, the administrators have had to find ways of making treating patients more efficient, and DoctorAbductor's OC Barbara Yamada is about to be the first test subject for a new procedure. Fully straitjacketed with her legs belted together and silenced with a leather OTM in standard asylum fashion, Barbara is being wheeled towards a treatment room that combines cold bath therapy with electroshock therapy. While you may think this could never happen in real life despite the danger of the idea, don't underestimate the stupidity of bureaucrats when faced with cuts.

     Throughout the development of this community, when someone mentions the name Kira, the first thought that comes to mind is Kira Yamato of Gundam SEED, the Gary Stu of the series and the one character whom the entire male fanbase agrees needs to die. Due to unfortunate circumstances, one of Yi-Phan's OCs shares the same name, only she's a lot cuter and is named Kira Whitney. Sadly, she has been poletied in the middle of a large platform surrounded by a mob of Kira-haters who don't know the difference between the two and can't really see her due to the fog in the area. Fortunately, this also obscures their aim as they toss eggs and fruit at her while they vent their frustrations and then left for the birds and rodents to eat it all from her. If she can work her tapegag loose, she may have a fighting chance of convincing the mob that they have the wrong person. But in the end, isn't a cutie like her a much better site than a GiD of Kira Yamato? If that question put a disturbing image in your mind, feel free to file a complaint with management.

     When a magician's escape trick fails, it almost certainly results in doom, but the peril involved looks very nice when the magician is a sexy female who is straitjacketed and chained up before attempting the escape. Such is the case with ARNie's OC magician Brande who is in this exact same situation and bindings. Hung upside down inside of a tank of water to which the lid is locked and her feet secured within the same lid, the jacketed and harness ballgagged Brande can only widen her eyes as the hidden keys to the locks on her chains and to the lid of the tank fall from her pockets and to the floor below, well out of her reach. This leaves her in a dire predicament as the stagehands may think it's only part of the illusion. But is it really? I'm afraid I can't answer that as a magician must never reveal her tricks to anyone, even the guide describing this cell.

     Piroro's hybrid human-drow OC Lea is contantly getting "owned" in many of the artworks he's drawn that feature her, which is of course his term for a damsel being bound, gagged, and maybe placed in distress. Fortunately, in this new interactive cell that features her, you get the opportunity to play a fun crane game in which Lea may become literally "owned" by you. Needless to say, the objective is to manuever the crane above the leather-strap bound and ballgagged Lea and manage to hold onto her long enough for her to be carried over to the chute and dropped in, resulting in receiving a life-size hug pillow of her; unbound on one side and bound on the other. The game isn't easy though, as she's able to roll or hop around to avoid the crane. She is 18 when this cell happens.

     Rico's OC Himiko Storm has a little bit of Magneto in her in that she's able to harness and control magnetism, and she's going to need every amount of her power in order to escape the perilous situation she's been placed in. Himiko is knotted-cleavegagged and shackled to an X-shaped board in the middle of a strong magnetic chamber where four different fields are trying to pull her in four different directions at once, which could ultimately result in tearing her apart if their intensity grows strong enough. Her fingers are free enough to allow her to use her own powers to weaken the fields to prevent that from happening. However, while she will eventually get tired, those fields won't as long as they're being generated.

     Rico's next OC guest, Arka, is a rather unusual character in that we don't often see spidergirl OCs in this community. But she exists, she is very cute when not in spider form, and she's been placed in a situation that could come out of a cheezy horror movie featuring a mutant fly. Arka can only squirm as she's encased in some kind of gel that the fly has produced and encoated her with all the way up to her mouth and it now carries her back towards its next to allow its maggots to feed on. Even if she could escape the fly's grasp relatively easily, she's not at a good height to do so as the giant fly takes her higher and higher into the air.

     Our next guest is also one of Rico's OCs, Jennifer Simmons, a.k.a. Breeze, who has the ability to control certain aspects of the weather when alone, but also able to expand her range of control when teaming up with one of her friends. Unfortunately, she's on her own as some manic kidnappers snatched her from the beach, tied her arms behind her and her legs together with rope, OTM gagged her, and locked her in a special parasailing harness before speeding off in their boat and causing her to fly high into the air. But her situation doesn't end there as an approaching storm caused the tether attached to the rope to snap and blow Breeze all over the place until it got entangled in a flimsy tree on the coast. The winds keep her airborne and vulnerable to the debris and lightning in the air as the storm intensifies. And should the tree break, she'll either blow somewhere else or finally float back to the ground. In the case of a water landing, she is wearing a lifejacket as part of the harness.

     A skilled thief can never resist raiding an ancient tomb riddled with puzzles, traps, and danger, but it takes even more skill not to get caught. In the case of ryuji-kun's catgirl thief OC, Kaila, she had the curiosity but let herself be caught in quite a unique trap. The chamber she stands inside sits below a giant chamber slowly filling with sand. Kaila herself is wrapped in locked chains that are also attached to the columns in the room, thus keeping her from moving too far out of her place. The ancient curse is giving her a sporting chance by dropping keys to the locks within her reach, but other thieves keep beating her to the keys and not freeing her as they rush back out. Mummy bandages act as a nice OTM gag for her as the chamber above slowly fills with enough sand to force the doors between it and the trap room open.

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