Video Game Damsels

     Dyne caught a real trophy damsel with the successful capture of Final Fantasy VII's Tifa Lockheart. She is chained spread eagle to the wall with a large target painted behind her and a automatic gun that fires blanks, but with each shot, a "hole" appears in the target just millimeters from her body. To keep Cloud from understanding her calls for help, she's gagged with a packing, strips of tape, and an over-the-nose scarf.

     The Al Bhed cutie Rikku from Final Fantasy X has now found herself in the classic peril of being bound and OTN gagged on the railroad tracks. This is one of Dyne's favorite cells as he has it set up to create a holographic train to appear to come towards and run her over. Even if it were real, it still wouldn't get her as she's tied to the abandoned set of tracks. But as you watch, it still comes very close. In fact, you can't even tell because the sand covers up the real set of tracks.

Drawn by Remus

     Up next is the Greek warrior Cassandra Alexandra of Soul Calibur II. With her arms and head locked in the stocks and her feet secured to the ground with manacles, she's a target for the holographic tomatoes that continually splatter against the front of the stocks. She wouldn't have to worry about catching one in her mouth because it's already ballgagged.

     "Yes we do know how many trees were killed to make that table you're tied to." The sexy elfgirl Cisty from the game Dungeon Magic is tied to a coffee table with the sounds of trees being chopped, cut, sawed, etc. down being repeatedly played within the room and shown to her on the projector. As she is a forest elf, the destruction of trees will slowly drain her life force. Will the power of suggestion overpower and weaken her? She is gagged with several layers topped with the cute OTN.

Drawn by Girltaker

     There was once a lengthy discussion on AVGDID about how one damsel would be impossible to catch. Dyne made that possible. The battle android from Xenosaga, KOS-MOS, has been subdued, had her strength and powers removed, been captured, and is now a guest in the dungeon. With a binding ring trapping her arms and her legs locked in a special treadmill, guests can enjoy the butt-wiggle that is so rarely seen in the game for as long as they like. Despite however much she says, it won't get past the packing, tape, and ACE bandage wrapped over her mouth.

     The sexy chef and ki user, Kurodaberi Jam of Guilty Gear is now in the hands of the circus. Tied upside down by her ankles and arms tied parallel behind her, her hair hangs down in a nice fashion for the circus master to attempt to train a tiger to leap through the hoop of her hair. A series of thick cleave gags silence her objections.

Drawn by ARNie

     The Final Fantasy girl collection has gained a new member, Selphie Tilmitt. While you might think that a girl who loves trains so much would be tied to some tracks Dyne decided to take a new approach with her. Selphie is strapped to the front of the moving locomotive continually heading for sides of cliffs that open into tunnels at the last second. Because she's a loudmouth, her gag is especially heavy with about six layers ending with an OTN.

     The blue-haired cutie from Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, Maria Traydor, is the first damsel from her series to be captured and featured in the tour. She is tied to a chair with her arms behind her and legs tied spread to the chair legs. She doesn't want to try and struggle too hard because her ropes are all connected to the trigger of her phase gun, which is aimed right at her. The more the struggles, the more the trigger is pulled. If she relaxes, it relaxes. But if she relaxes too much, a teeny tiny electric shock will start her struggling again so she must always stay in the delicate balance. Tape and an OTM gag keep her silent.

Drawn by Remus

     The young mountain girl, Nakoruru, of Samurai Shodown finds herself suspended by her wrists with a small weight tied to her ankles above a pit of water. However, she's only on end of the scale as another, heavier weight attached to the birdcage that her hawk, Mamahaha, is in keeping them in balance. If she struggles to much, the balance is disrupted against her favor. Nakoruru can't whistle to have Mamahaha engulf herself in flames and free them because of the ballgag that separates her lips.

     One of the cuties from King of Fighters, Yuri Sakazaki, is involuntarily helping out the local Football team, the Leopards. She stands pole-tied with her arms around to a large tackling post that's used for practice. I'm afraid I can't reveal exactly how many layers are beneath that top OTN to keep Yuri from singing, but she makes nice squeals as the players charge her. However, the team is really bad and the players miss with every tackle.

Drawn by Girltaker

     Aeris Gainsborough from Final Fantasy VII has finally been captured for the dungeon. Her love of plants has turned against her as, wrapped in vines and laying on the ground, she can only continually wriggle away from the Cutegirl Eating Plants placed in the cell that are continually trying to reel her in. They're too busy all fighting for her that none of them will ever win, but she doesn't know that. Her heavy gag consists of tape and a thick OTM.

     Another cutie grabbed from King of Fighters, Athena Asamiya, has now found herself in a predicament that could very well be the fault of her namesake. If you do not know the story of Athena and Arachne from Greek Mythology, the gist is that Arachne bragged that she was a better weaver than the gods, Athena got mad, beat her in a contest, and turned her into the first spider. Now our Athena is cocooned from the mouth down to her toes in webbing and placed on a giant web as several small spiders crawl all over her while the giant mother looms ominously to make her its next meal.

Drawn by Imperial Draco

     The blue-haired catgirl from Darkstalkers, Felicia, is the guinea pig for display of Dyne's specialized catgirl capturing device, the Yarn Bomb. Should a cute catgirl touch the innocent looking ball of yarn, it'll explode in wrap her up in it and be as strong as some good thick rope. Felicia has been left to roll around in the cell freely, but only to avoid the seemingly giant yarn ball that's rolling down towards her every do often. And what other gag could possibly be better for her than a ballgag?

     The Sacae plainswoman and one of the main characters of Fire Emblem 7, Lyndis, probably now wishes that she wasn't. She sits tied up and OTM gagged on a galloping horse as it tears through the plains. Her peril is that her ankles have a rope connecting them to the horse's left rear-leg, so that if she loses her balance she will fall and be dragged along. However, the horse isn't actually going anywhere and she's tied to it anyway. Aren't illusions wonderful?

     Another Phantasy Star girl finds herself captive here as the Esper girl, Kyra, from number 4 lays bound with rope and strapped down to a table. Her own weapons, called slicers, are being used against her as they swing like pendulums ever slowly descending closer towards her. Of course, once they get within striking distance, they're raised back up to the ceiling and start all over again. Kyra is muffled by a few layers of cleave gags.

     Our first Final Fantasy IX damsel is General Beatrix of Alexandria, and she probably regrets her ranking right now as she stands tied to a pole with thick rope holding her arms behind her, wrapped above/below her bust, at her waist, and holding her legs at the ankles, calves, and thighs. A battle is projected on the back wall showing the Alexandrian army against Kuja's army. And, because Generals believe in death before surrender, whenever the Alexandrian army is losing, her pole begins to lean forward so she'll "fall" onto her sword (which is set up to be pointing at her heart). Fortunately, just before she hits it, the Alexandrian army begins to regroup and fight back until the next cycle. An OTM scarf covers the ballgag underneath.

     How patriotic of Leona Heidern from King of Fighters to have a flagpole peril. Only this time it's a horizontal flagpole off the side of a skyscraper. She is suspended from the pole by her wrists, her torso is shibari tied, and her legs tied in the usual fashion. She has to plan her attempted escape very carefully because, every time she struggles, the flagpole will angle down a little further until she slips off the end. But, like with Maria, she can't simply not struggle because, if she does relax, the pole begins to tilt the other way so she slips towards a mild electric shock. A thin band holds the enormous packing inside of her mouth.

     Natsu Ayuhara of Rival Schools knows everything about Volleyball, even how it feels to be the net. Natsu is laying on her side on a small platform between two poles, her ankles tied to one and her hands tied above her head to the other. She didn't seem to mind the fact that people are playing Volleyball in her cell, until she was told that the ball is really a bomb designed to blow up on impact with her and that the Beginners class is due to come in at any moment. Gag Snob's manual makes its return in the dungeon to be her gag.

     There can never be too many Phantasy Star girls around and the thief, Shir, from number II proves that. She stands "Up against the wall!" with her hands shackled to the wall in front of her while her ankles are chained to the floor. She can only struggle as one policeman continually frisks her of her thieving equipment and the other sneaks it all back in. She may regret hiding a small explosive device to use in case she ever got caught. It's designed to explode if it's taken off her person, but she doesn't know that it's been disarmed, but the worry is still there. And there can be no better gag for a thief than a leather strap secured by a padlock.

     Kasumi is our first Dead or Alive character from that series to grace this dungeon. She's being taught a sharp lesson by being bound with lots of tape and one of those old-time corsets to make women look thinner and crush their ribs at the same time. This keeps her from "bouncing" too much as she continually tries to hop out of the giant pile of similar tight clothes to prevent the same thing as she continually sinks deeper into it. More tape is wrapped around her head to make a nice gag.

     Everyone likes blondes, especially when they're captured, bound and gagged, and the money-loving sorceress from Lunar: Eternal Blue, Lemina Ausa, is no exception. If anyone remembers those old arcade machines in which you would input a token and it would land on a small platform with several other tokens already put in, laying flat, and a bar would push them closer to the edge along each other, and if you were lucky you would win big. Lemina is standing bound to a pole that is fastened to one of these coins and, every so often, another one falls in through the ceiling, thus causing her to be pushed a little closer to the edge. Because she is also somewhat of a loudmouth, a triple layer gag was the minimum required silencer.

     Everyone also likes blue-haired cuties when captured too, and Lucia, also from Lunar: Eternal Blue, is no exception either. She finds herself ensared by crystalline tendrils that have wrapped around her arms, legs, and mouth, and are pulling her towards the transport crystal that brought her to Lunar. Since defeating Zophar and deciding to remain on Lunar at the last minute, the will of the crystal had something else to say and it is only a matter of moments before she is pulled in and sent back to the Blue Star forever.

     Cute captives can come from the most remote places. How many of you remember Aska from the 16-Bit classic, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters? If not, this is the time to get reacquainted because she is our next guest. A rival clan has kidnapped her and want her to reveal the secrets of her whirlwind technique that is her super move. She has refused to talk, so they are forcing her to execute it by strapping her into a centerfuge. The straps act both as her binding and her gag and she will be spun until she either executes the move, or she is crushed.

     And now we have another lesser known damsel from a fighting game. Annie Hamilton from the Power Instinct series really annoys Dyne with her Rainbow Rise attack whenever he fights her, so he decided to show her what it feels like. Our captive is sitting bound to a chair with her arms behind her and legs together with an OTN gag that also dangles a few inches below her chin. Directly in front of her is a deadly laser that fires at different moments, but between the two is a special prism that refracts the laser to alter its course in different directions, just barely missing her and also changes it's color into one of the seven of the rainbow.

     We have a treat for Chrono Trigger fans, especially of Ayla because she is our next damsel. You may recall that the fur pelt she wears also holds that animal's tail. That tail is the only thing keeping her from falling into a spiked ravine as the cavewoman finds herself tightly bound with strong vines and gagged with a few strips of fur while a trained dinosaur holds her pelt's tail clenched in its teeth. The real danger is that Azala, the Reptite leader, is tempting the increasingly-hungry dino with a delicious looking roast cow.

     Kusuha Mizuha of Super Robot Wars has found herself in a messy situation. While in battle, her mecha was destroyed and she was captured. The only problem is that her captor was blown away after he fully tied her up with rope, blindfolded her,and silenced her with an OTM gag. She has to continually roll away from the moving feet and repeated shots from the robot battle until someone finds her alive and takes her to safety. It looks to be a very long battle, but since everything is holographic in here she will be all right.

     When a girl has the title of "Princess," it's almost guaranteed that she'll make a good damsel in distress, especially if she's blonde (don't ask me, it just seems to be the rule), and Reisz Rolante of Seiken Densetsu 3 is certainly no exception. She stands shackled to Flammie's back as the baby dragon flies recklessly through a small cave, just barely avoiding the granite columns and giant stalactites. Riesz herself also has her arms pinned to her side with magic vines and a special type of sap seals her mouth shut. It is believed that some monsters within the Illusion Forest are the cause of this situation.

     Animal lovers, when placed in perilous situations, always find themselves being turned against by those same animals and Princess Lenna Tycoon of Final Fantasy V is no exception. Strictly bound hanging upside-down from her hiryu's tail, she can only cry into her thick OTM gag as the hiryu flies through the sky, often lowering its altitude quite low amongst a stampede of wild chocobos. Regardless of her peril, doesn't her hair look nice as it's blown about by the wind of her movement?

     Soul Calibur fans may now rejoice in the fact tha Seung Mina is now a guest in the dungeon. She stands tied to her weapon, jammed into the top of a large stone tower that's just barely big enough on top for her to stand on. She doesn't have to worry about losing her balance, as long as the strong winds up there don't blow too hard. The tape wrapped around her head and the OTN gag over that are keeping her face warm, at least.

     Any Fire Emblem fan knows that Pegasus Knights are basically hosed when attacked by archers and the captive Princess Tana of Frelia finds herself in the worst possible situation. After being taken captive, the enemy has decided to get a little target practice in. She can do nothing, being tied sitting on her pegasus and OTM gagged, as it flies through the sky skillfully evading the continuous waves of arrows aimed at it. However, it it leans too far over, it will have to take the risk of letting Tana fall to the ground or take a hit as it dives to catch her.

     If you haven't played Golden Sun in a while, you may wish to review one of the puzzles in Mecury Lighthouse when your party is allowed to hop on three panels of water before sinking. While you're at it, you may want to rescue Mia, who is wrapped in chains and cleave-gagged while standing on the water. Her captives got careless for a moment, allowing her to hop onto one of the magical panels, but she got careless and is now stranded in the middle, having no way to swim should she move from that spot.

     Excellen Browning is our next Super Robot Wars damsel and her distress comes as a result of sabotage. She finds herself wrapped in tape and strapped in her pilot's seat, with more tape over her mouth of course, as a rescue team tries to cut Weissritter open enough to get her out, thinking that she is unconscious inside, they can't hear her muffled cries to try and tell them that her captors have rigged up a bomb inside the cockpit, set to explode the moment the hatch is opened. She has precious few moments to free herself and disarm the bomb before the irony of her rescue takes place.

     For those of you familiar with the Touhou series of games, you'll most likely be familiar with our next damsel, Sakuya Izayoi, and her talent for using knives. Unfortunately for her, she has been captured by a jealous rival and finds herself bound with rope and tape gagged on a large platform overlooking a fairly high precipice. She is able to squirm around, but her unseen rival keeps throwing knives at the space right in front of her to herd her towards one of the edges. As her escape options continue to narrow, it won't be long before she finds herself cornered completely.

     That is not the end of our Touhou guests, however, as our next cell is home to Hong Meiling, who often gets knifed by Sakuya. But right now she can only trust in knives to keep her alive. Wrapped in and gagged with duct tape, she lays on her side on the flat edges of several knives that are embedded into the wall that she is leaning against. Should she put any extra weight on any of the knives, they will fall from the wall and leave her with less support. If too many knives fall, she falls onto the spiky floor at the bottom of the wall.

     Continue onward to find our third captive from Super Robot Wars, Selena Recital, strapped into the seat of her mecha and heavily tape gagged while enemy units rig her machine to blast off into space and activate the emergency eject five minutes afterwards. While the pilot ejection normally sends the pilot out with protective equipment to survive until they are rescused, the enemy has conveniently removed every one of those necessities.

     For those who have played the original Wild ARMs, you may recall Cecilia Lynne Adelhyde's comment that using magic requires a lot of energy and that she is often hungry at the end of each battle. This was brought to the attention of the Demons of Hiades and, after a careless mistake, Cecilia was captured by the demons and finds herself bound with silver cords, gagged with a strange goop, and standing inside a large test tube. The tube is slowly filling up with a stange liquid that will allow her to breathe once she's completely submerged within it, but the liquid is a compound that slowly drains her magical energy as if she was casting multiple spells in a short period of time. If she is not rescued before too long, she will starve in only a matter of a couple of hours.

     Everybody loves a good laser show, except for Gensokyo's resident witch, Marisa Kirisame of Touhou, who now finds herself securely chained to her broom as the device attached to it has taken control of her flight path and continually draws her dangerously close to the paths of the lasers. Nobody who is observing the show has even noticed her thanks to the dark night and her knotted-cleave gag keeps her from calling down to let her know that she's in the perilous situation that she's in. I have to wonder as to why she is complaining because her Graze Points are skyrocketing. If you haven't played any Touhou games and don't understand that joke, at least enjoy watching the peril before we move on.

     Moving on we'll get to meet our second guest from Darkstalkers, Morrigan Aensland, in somewhat of a hopeless situation for her (or so she thinks). A large bounty had been offered for her destruction and a successful hunter is preparing to collect on it by immersing the lovely succubus into a large pit filled with holy water. As a creature of the night, it will be as effective as acid. Morrigan herself is hanging suspended over the pit with a nice Triple Layer gag keeping her silent. Her legs have been left free, but her kicking and swinging aren't getting her very far as the sun begins to rise and it will only be a few moments before the light passes through a well-placed magnifying glass, burn through the rope, and send her to her end.

     It is not often that the heroine of a series is also the most evil character in that same series. But now Touhou's Reimu Hakurei is at least getting what she has wanted for a long time: a constant stream of donations for the Hakurei Shrine. When asked if she wanted to be swimming in donations, she answered "Yes!" and you can see the result: she is bound with sacred rope with her wrists behind her, arms to her sides, legs crossed together to keep her from standing, and gagged with one of her own seals as she lies inside of a bigger version of her donation box. Her wish is coming true as several coins rain in from above and are slowly burying her in the rising pool of money.

     We would normally expect a Summoner to be on good terms with animals, but Final Fantasy IV's Rydia of Mist can only hope that the dragon next to her is able to contain itself. She can't do much to control it as she stands bound to a stake with vines and silenced with a thick OTM gag. The dragon itself isn't going to eat her due to it being asleep. But as the creature snores, the rocky walls of its cave shake enough to drop dust into its nostrils. Should the dragon sneeze, Rydia will become well done in a flash.

     Tear Grants is our first damsel from Tales of the Abyss and she is trapped in a predicament that requires intense concentration to keep the platform she's laying on from crumbling and dropping her into the black Void below. While Tear is fully bound with duct tape and leather OTM gagged, she must still sing her songs to stay alive. A special device within the gag translates her muffled voice into her song to make it audible for us to hear, but if she stops or hits a bad note at any time, a portion of the platform will crumble away and fall.

     Alice Margatroid is another pivotal Touhou character who has found herself a captive within this dungeon. She is a master magician who always fights using enchanted dolls; only now the dolls have rebelled. Alice now lies manacled to a metal table and clear-tapegagged beneath a strange, magical light. This light is slowly transforming Alice's body into that of a doll. If she should escape the light before her skin and body turn into plastic the spell will be undone. However, the process has already finished transforming her feet and shins and, the more that process works up along her body, the less she'll be able to resist and attempt to escape.

     The main heroine from the dating sim-turned-anime Kanon, Ayu Tsukimiya loves taiyaki and hates scary things like ghosts and monsters. Never did she imagine that her favorite food would turn into her greatest fear. Ayu-chan stands poletied with thick rope to the middle of a raft in the middle of the ocean. Monster sharks that look exactly like taiyaki continually circle the raft and occassionally chomp a piece of it off, drawing ever closer to her. While Ayu-chan is triple-layer gagged, a device within the cloth allows for her trademark "Uguu!" to pass through the gag without being muffled for all of us to enjoy.

     Up next is the first of a large influx of more Touhou characters. The local crow tengu reporter, Aya Shameimaru, now finds herself in a prickly situation. She is cross-tied to a large kite floating delicately between a floor and ceiling of spikes within the room while a stream of wind from below that travels through the floor keeps her afloat and gently raises her towards the ceiling. Aya has enough movement in her arms to slightly fold the kite and cause her to fall towards the floor. Thus she must maintain the perfect balance in order to not get spiked. Even if the leather harness OTM gag didn't silence her, the noise from the fans would likely drown her out anyway, but we want to be thorough in making sure the damsels have cute gags.

     Youmu Konpaku is our next Touhou captive. For those of you who don't know about her, she is a half-ghost/half-human with each half existing as a separate entity, meaning her ghsot half often floats alongside her human half wherever she goes. Her ghost half, called Myon by fans, is trapped inside a ghost proof box attached to the ceiling inside of this cell while special mechinical arms holding feathers tickle it endlessly. As for the human half of Youmu, she is tightly strapped up in a straightjacket with her legs bound with belts, and leather OTM gagged inside the main portion of the cell. While it's her ghost half that's being tickled, she still feels the effects and can only roll around inside the padded room laughing without reprieve.

Drawn by Anime Captor

     For those of you who are Soul Calibur fans, I'm sure you've been frustrated at times when fighting Ivy Valentine and trying to deal with how cheap she can be. Our next cell may help you feel better as she is obviously the damsel within. Ivy is bound in a standing tie with armbinders, leather straps, and a leather hood that leaves her eyes exposed so she can keep an eye on her peril. Her sword has turned against her and, attached on each end of the wall, it forces Ivy to jumprope it endlessly. Should she miss a single jump, she'll be quicklycut down to size a few inches.

     We have another Power Instinct gal for you to enjoy in her peril in our next cell. The time-travelling policewoman from the future, Solis R8000 is in a very tight bind. Heavy and thick metal bands secure her hands and arms to her body and her legs together, keeping her from reaching the time travel device control panel in the gauntlet on her forearm. The device has been sabotaged and repeatedly sends Solis to random points in time, only to be sent off again the instant she arrives at any particular time. She must find a way to get loose and fix her device lest she starve within the time loop or appear in a spot that leads to instant death, such as inside a wall or a pool of lava, at any given time. A thick metal band around her mouth also acts has a gag.

     Our next damsel from Kanon is the main character's aunt, Akiko Minase. For those who have played the game or seen the anime, you know full well that Akiko's special homemade jam is anything other than food. In an ironic twist, Akiko now stands inside a giant jar of jam with her wrists and ankles handcuffed and OTN gagged as the jar slowly begins to fill with that special jam. A small platform in the center allows her to stay afloat and allows for potential escape once the level gets high enough. But even though Akiko is the only one who enjoys eating that jam, I doubt even she could eat her way out should she fall off of the platform.

     What better peril for a youkai who has the power to manipulate flowers than peril inside of a flower field? Touhou's Yuka Kazami lays helpless and hogtied with rope inside of a large field of thick flowers out in a remote wilderness that happens to be scheduled for demolition to allow for an industrial complex to be built there. Either Yuka must work her way loose or squirm out of the path of the combine harvester as it plows through the flower field because the operator of the machine certainly isn't going to hear her through her extra thick cleavegag.

     First Dyne captured the mother, now he captured the daughter. Nayuki Minase of Kanon is the series's heavy sleeper and requires about a dozen alarm clocks to wake up each morning. But this time, Nayuki-chan must turn off all of her alarms to keep from being permanently put to sleep. Her large stuffed frog, named Keropi, has been possessed by a demon who couldn't stand the noise from the alarms, grown to an enormous size, and chases Nayuki around the cell in an attempt to grab and smother her in a giant bear hug. If Nayuki manages to turn off the alarms, the demon will leave. However, since she's bound in a standing tie with her arms parallel behind her back and heavily tapegagged, it only adds to the difficulty of getting to each clock and turning it off. Fight-o, Nayuki-chan!

     Have you ever had to give a friend or family member an incentive to lose weight? The gluttony ghost princess of Hakugyokrou, Yuyuko Saigyouji of Touhou, finds herself facing just such incentives. This cute ghost princess stands chained to a wall just barely out of reach of an enormous feast. If she pulls hard enough, she'll be able to reach the food, but not without pulling down the wall on top of her as well. She must either resist the urge to fill her stomach or become a ghost pancake. The numerous layers of tape wrapped around her head make it impossible for her to eat the chains and escape that way. Yes, she can and will do that if she had the opportunity.

     When nearly all of the girls in a series are drop-dead cute, Dyne won't hesitate to capture as many as he can. Our next Kanon girl is Shiori Misaka, the one girl in the series with constant health problems, but is also an aspiring artist. Her perils continually change as a magic brush inside of the cell draws numerous obstacles within the cell that come to life and that she must avoid. Common examples are pits, falling heavy items, having a safe or cage drawn surrounding her, but there are many more that you may see if you watch for a while. Her standing tie with ribbons combined with the shawl she usually wears, now used to pin her arms to her sides, allow her to hop around while her OTN gag silences her nicely and adds to her cuteness.

     If you were to name the qualities of a classic Western damsel who was placed in peril by the villain in any Vaudeville routine, you would most likely say she has freckles, blonde hair, sausage curls, a bow in her hair, and/or a dress. Jane Maxwell of Wild ARMs has all of these qualities in her physical appearence and has been classified as looking exactly like one of those old damsels. Because she has a combination of those numerous traits, this damsel has been placed in a combination of classic perils at the same time. Jane is bound to a sawmill log, heading for the spinning buzzsaw, while the log crosses over some railroad tracks just in time for the train to arrive and the barrel next to the tracks is filled with gunpowder and has a lit fuse sticking out. Will our damsel be sawn, railroaded, or blown up first? Regardless, the white OTN gag that dangles past her chin silencing her is also from classic Vaudeville.

     Our next damsel, Letty Whiterock of Touhou, has a joke based on her saying that, because she only exists during winter, she must hibernate during the other months, otherwise she will melt. In many doujinshi, she's sleeping in a freezer because of this. Now, as the warm spring sun rises, Letty, who is wrapped in and gagged with heavily insulating duct tape, must hop across a busy road being crossed by multiple fire fairies, then across a raging river using only melting ice platforms, and finally into safety in her freezer at the end of the course. If you haven't picked up on it yet, this cell is a DiD version of Frogger.

     While this next damsel has a minor role in the game she's from, Noelle from Tales of the Abyss is still definitely cute enough to warrant capture in here. This skilled pilot has been grabbed prior to taking off in her ship, the Albiore II, and now finds herself bound and gagged with metal bands and standing on the outside of the Albiore as it lifts off into the air. Her captors have placed her in slightly magnetized boots to keep her from falling off, as long as the Albiore doesn't reach full speed and barrel roll into harsh weather. As Noelle finds her ship speeding up and heading straight for a thunderstorm, she must find a way to get back inside before the force of the barrel roll throws her into the ocean or onto an island filled with fierce monsters.

Drawn by Parasyte

     Popful Mail is a leggy red-haired bounty hunter elfgirl who has been featured in her own game for multiple consoles, but is still rather unknown. Mail herself loves treasure and will take any job she can in order to get rich quick. Her ultimate dream is to swim in a room full of gold, and now she finds herself about to find that dream, unless she can keep her balance. Mail stands bound with rope and cleavegagged on a tightrope above a river literally flowing with gold, molten gold. While Mail has the opportunity to inch across the rope and try to make it back to safety, the tightrope isn't that strong and any movement could cause it to weaken further. It doesn't help Mail that her explosive-loving rival, Slick, is also in the area making noise and causing the room to rumble with his bombs.

     For Castlevania fans, you may have noticed that the magician heroine of Portrait of Ruin, Charlotte Aulin, pulls out a broom and gently glides to the ground after performing a double jump. Due to a magical accident, Charlottes wrists are now bound to the front of her broom with bandages while the rest of her is also bound up, and gagged, with these same bandages while our damsel falls through an endless vertical tunnel. Numerous obstacles come into her path and numerous monsterous hands sprouting from the walls attempt to grab her from her fall. She must find a way to undo at least her gag and cast the spell she needs to escape from the tunnel all while avoiding the hazards therein.

     Natalia L.K. Lanvaldear, Princess of Kimlasca and master archer from Tales of the Abyss has her hands full dealing with a rebellion. The behemoth that resides in the sweamp next to Baticul has begun to break out and terrorize the nearby landscape. Naturally, the people have blamed the royal family and will now hold them responsible. Natalia's hands are now bound with the rest of her to a giant crossbow shaft aimed directly at the swamp. The peoples' plan is to sacrifice Natalia to the behemoth to distract it while they restore its prison within the swamp. Natalia could order them to stop, but even if she wasn't knotted-cleavegagged, they're beyond the point of listening to her.

     When she's not singing or trying to avoid being eaten, Mystia Lorelei of Touhou runs a grilled lamprey stand within the forest where she lives. Unfortunately, some animal-rights nut who can't stand the thought of lamprey eels being cooked, has hypcritally captured this night sparrow youkai and plans to force her to know what the eels feel. Mystia is now tightly bound to a giant fishhook with rope and gagged with several layers of waterproof tape wrapped around her head as she's slowly lowered towards a body of water that contains giant lamprey eels that are constantly looking for a meal.

     For fans of Final Fantasy IX, you may remember that Princess Garnet til Alexandros, a.k.a. Dagger's outfit that she wears when she escapes the castle at the beginning of the game is so tight that it even puts spandex to shame. Our princess is now captive within the dungeon and is beginning to learn just how tight an outfit can get. With her feet and legs manacled to the floor to keep her in a standing position, Garnet has been bound in a spandex straitjacket and gagged with an inflatable ballgag. While the jacket itself is specially padded to preserve her modesty, the spandex itself is continually tightening itself more and more while the gag contrinues to inflate, making breathing more and more difficult. Like many similar perils, she can keep her demise at bay as long as she continues to struggle for your viewers.

     Our next Touhou guest comes from the series's 7th installment, Perfect Cherry Blossom. The level 2 boss and shikigami of a shikigami, Chen, the nekomata, loves to sleep on her kitsune master, Ran's, nine tails, and will never resist the opportunity to grab a catnap on them. Never did she realize that the tails would ever grab her first and would actually belong to a flesh-eating plant youkai that looked like a bunch of fluffy fox tails. Poor Chen has her arms and legs bound by the tails, is gagged with one last one as well, and hoisted into the air to minimize her own resistance while being pulled towards the jaws of the monster. Worse still, she can't reach to attack with her claws nor pull one of her spell cards from her pocket.

     Nitori Kawashiro is a newcomer to the Touhou series, just having been introduced in the newest game that came out this summer. She is a very cute kappa who lives on the Youkai Mountain who is afraid of humans, but loves cucumbers and machines. In an ironic twist, Nitori now finds herself bound at the wrists and arms with rope, OTN gagged, and desparately trying to stay atop of a giant cucumber as it rolls down the mountain towards the Hakurei Shrine below. A Power Nullifier prevents her from using her flying ability to leap off of the cucumber, but if she can stay atop long enough for it to come to a stop after crashing into the shrine, her chances of landing safely rise dramatically. However, she would then have to deal with a very angry miko and be in no position to fight back.

     Our next guest is from a relatively obscure fighting game, Savage Reign, but is quite popular amongst the characters. Carol Stanzack is caught in a tug-of-war competition between the two men who want to run away with and marry her, Joker and King Lion. Joker struck first, capturing Carol with his metallic ribbons and gagging her the same way. King Lion was able to snatch her away with his chains, further binding her, but leaving her unable to run away as the two men begin to literally fight over her, leaving her in the midst of and a potential victim of their crossfire.

     You may have taken a look at the Pokemon girls cell and wondered why Misty wasn't a part of the group of captive Pokemon trainers. That's because she's all alone in this one. Because she's so popular in her mermaid outfit, Dyne decided to take advantage of that as part of her display. Fully bound with special straps in a manner that only lets her kick her tail, Misty is locked inside of a large aquarium and swims around for you to watch and admire. A special latex seal is placed over her mouth and connected to an air tube to allow her to stay under the water for hours on end. But what would one of our cells be without a little peril involved? Due to an unfortunate oversight in the manufacture of the air tube, it tends to crack easily if rubbed against a corner or edge of a tank for too long. During her swimming, Misty has caused this to happen and the air tube is slowly beginning to fill with water. If she doesn't find a way out of the tank, we'll have to find a new mermaid.

     A classic movie theme and the heroine of AIR, Misuzu Kamia, come together to bring you yet another cell peril in which the trap can be triggered with the sound of a pin drop. Misuzu has been turned into a scarecrow by being poletied and gagged with duct tape in the midst of a large field of vegetables that birds are especially fond of both for feeding and for nesting. However, these birds are very territorial and the whole flock will attack any invader. As the countless number of birds sit and stare at Misuzu, waiting for her to make the slightest movement or peep, she must make the choice of remaining silent to see if they ever leave, or attempt to call for help and risk being descended on and attacked by the birds. If you haven't figured out what movie this is an homage to, look up Hitchcock.

     In this world there are casual drinkers, heavy drinkers, and Touhou's Suika Ibuki, an oni who can gather almost anything and gigantify herself into four times her normal size. Suika carries a mystical gourd with her that never runs out of sake, allowing her to drink endlessly. Unfortunately, this also makes it quite easy for her to get drunk. Due to an unfortunate mishap, she managed to entangle herself in the chain she wears around her waist and fall into a deep pit during a drunken stupor. When she awoke and finally sobered up, she noticed her predicament but also noticed that her gourd was missing. It had detached itself from her belt and remained at the top of the pit. While thinking of a way to get loose and get out, a strong burst of wind knocked the gourd over, causing it to fill the pit with an endless supply of sake, leaving her trapped at the bottom. You may be thinking that she could just drink her way out or drink enough to survive until someone finds her, I'm afraid it's not that simple as she "somehow" got triple-layer gagged while unconscious.

     Ever since the official debut of the outfit she wears beneath her power suit, the classic Nintendo heroine Samus Aran has been depicted in numerous fan artworks of her in her Zero Suit, as it's called. That doesn't exclude the possibility of perilous situations for her, of course. Samus has been captured by space pirates, stripped of her power suit, and now sits manacled to a chair within a room while the pirates prepare to run numerous experiments on her. Luck is on her side as the pirates are disrupted by the Federation rescue team sent to find and save her, but the damage to the pirate's ship is a little heavier than expected. Despite the pirates' fleeing and leaving her in the experiment chamber, the cells that hold numerous hungry metroids are adjacent to that chamber and the force fields keeping them inside are slowly deactivating due to the ship's loss of power. With one of the metal clamps over her mouth, Samus is unable to call for assistance as the metroids begin to break through their fields.

     Sometimes a prankster can ultimately end up in the same situation as a snoopy reporter or other classic damsel in distress. In order to secure some fireworks for one of her pranks, Kanon's Makoto Sawatari attempted to sneak some out of the factory. Unfortunately for her, she stumbled onto a counterfeiting ring operating out of the same factory and was caught before she could sneak back out. In an ironic twist, Makoto is now chairtied and OTN gagged inside of a storage room full of fireworks and raw powder. Many of her ties are also comprised of strings of small firecrackers with the end of the fuse sitting in a small dish containing a burning candle. The show that results with the candle burning down far enough will be colorful, but won't do good things to this foxy prankster.

     This cell completes the trio that form the Yakumo family from Touhou, and Yukari Yakumo, the youkai of boundaries, almost seems unconcerned that she's been tied to some railroad tracks and that multiple trains are approaching in this classic peril, because she's asleep. Despite that, she seems to be able to unconsciously defend herself because none of the trains have been able to run her over as her powers open a rift in the boundary of reality between her and the train, causing it to enter another dimension, and immediately pop back out on the tracks on the other side of her. Since this doesn't result in a lot of distress, a tube gag has been locked over her mouth and is occasionally forcing her to drink a cup of coffee, making it harder and harder for her to stay asleep and will eventually disrupt her powers to the point where she is fully helpless before the next train.

     As long as a pirate is able to evade the people after her, that same pirate will be fine. But the longer the capture holds out, the worse it is for the pirate after she's finally caught. Captain of the Lunar Tomb, Kooh of Pangya, finally pushed the Navy over the edge before she made a mistake that landed her in one of their prison cells, only she's not being kept in the cell. As a public statement, Kooh is now bound spread-eagle in front of the mouth of the flagship Silvia's giant cannon that fires every so often during play of the Silvia Cannon course. What the players below don't realize, and what her leather OTM gag keeps her from telling them, is that if they take too long to complete the hole, our cute little pirate captain gets cooked.

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