Western Wing

     Everybody loves seeing a classic damsel in a classic peril, but for this next cell we have a classic damsel in a new twist of a classic peril. The "well-drawn" Jessica Rabbit found herself in the wrong place at the wrong time and ended up bound to a log with ropes pinning her entire body to it and a thick OTM gag that dangles below her chin. Since she is on a log, you would expect the log to be moving towards a buzz saw, but Dyne decided to reverse things and, rather than have the log moving, the saw itself is attacked to a mechanical arm that hangs from the ceiling and is slowing moving across the log, back and forth, to cut round portions from one end before moving over to the other. Will it reach our damsel's head or feet first?

     We finally have another classic Western damsel for you to admire in her unusual peril based on a bad pun. Wonder Woman, strapped to a conveyor belt with thick metal bands and OTM gagged, looks quite nice as she's slowly carried across a manufacturing line to end up inside of a giant oven. This classic heroine will first be covered with and encased in dough in order to be baked inside. Once this is done, a new loaf of Wonder Bread will be ready for the shelf.

     For fans of Archie comics, you may know that Betty and/or Veronica have constantly been placed in DiD situations over the years. In Veronica's case, this is one of them. The rich brat has been captured by burglars, bound with electrical tape, cleavegagged, and locked inside of a vault behind a large pile of cash that she can't tip over. Her father, unaware of her peril upon his return, has ordered the vault to be filled to capacity. As the pile continues to grow and push the heiress further back, her air supply grows smaller and smaller each time the door is closed. As the money continues to surround her, she also begins to feel the weight of the stacks placed upon her.

     In his efforts to add more Western damsels to the dungeon, Dyne has managed to capture the most popular reporter from the late 80s and early 90s, TMNT's April O'Neil. Because of her association with turtles, April is bound, gagged, and sealed inside of a giant rubber turtle costume, making it impossible for herself to not only move her own body, but the body of the turtle as well. Of course, to make it even worse for her, she's caught in a helpless pose lying on her back on a conveyor belt that slowly carries her towards a giant tank of water. If she's unable to flip back over and crawl off of the belt, she'd better hope she can swim in that thing.

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