Akiko is a woman who definitely knows how to turn heads no matter what she wears but, despite being a housewife, she is not one to be underestimated at all when trying to take her by force as she's more full of surprises than most everyone else combined. On the plus side, she's very nice to those who are nice to her and willing to be tied up by those whom she can trust, so always be sure to stay on her good side. When it comes to her outfit and tie, in reality the sky is the limit as she looks fantastic in practically everything but, no matter what, never ignore her chest when it comes to the tie or to touching- though every part of her can be considered enjoyable. The gag decision may be a bit trickier as it should match the outfit while emphasizing either her lips or her eyes, but there are some that she will turn down. Any villain who gets to spend some quality time with Akiko should thank his lucky stars.

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