Even though she is a fairly powerful youkai who can reach EX midboss power, Kogasa is actually easier to catch than one might think, so long as one can avoid her tactics of surprising people. She tends to wonder what went wrong when her surprise didn't work, opening her up to be snatched away. She'll also let the people she likes catch her on a casual basis, but those same people are the ones who she likes to surprise a lot because it works on them so pick one approach or the other. For her tie and weak spots, it's her nicely exposed legs all the way. And what's even better is that her skirt is short enough to allow either for a skirt hiking shibari or her legs bound under it while still giving a good view and full access. And she even likes them touched in all kinds of ways so don't be afraid to experiment. Give her any kind of gag that draws attention to her eyes.

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