Miki is one of, if not the biggest bondage fetishest in the area as she not only welcomes any opportunity to be tied up by both men and women, but the reason she became a part time heroine was to be able to actively seek out opportunities to be captured and tied up. On the flip side, she's also one of the best escape artists in the area, so she'll get loose after she's had her fun. If she's captured by someone she likes, she will gladly stick around for as long as possible. It's no secret that her large chest is her weak spot, and she does nothing to hide it. She welcomes almost every kind of helplessness, even to the point of volunteering for things like the vibrating maiden and tentacle box. She does, however, still have rules and gives harsh punishments to those who cross the line. Otherwise, the sky is the limit with her and, given her height, there's a lot of her to enjoy.

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