Yuugi is... a challenge. She actually likes to be tied up, but only when she's sober. As for when she's sober... some people may not live long enough to wait for it to happen. Trying to sneak up on her when she's drunk will only result in plenty of pain, so the only real safe approach is to capture her when she's asleep and take a gamble for how she'll react when she wakes up. As for when she's tied, she is all about her bust so be sure to emphasize and fondle it well. She's also got a nice lower body well, so feel free to swap her skirt for a set of bloomers. Use a large ballgag and keep her satisfied to keep her from smacking you silly once she gets loose. As for materials: the stronger and heavier the better, but she is honestly strong enough to break free of almost anything if one is careless.

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